November 21, 2018

Give Us Your Ideas for New Areas of the Website

We are looking to develop the site further and are keen to receive your ideas on what you would find useful or interesting on this site.

As a starter, here are a few things we have discussed and will consider over the coming months :

- A Discussion Forum
- Local Freecycling / For Sale / Wanted Ads (Virtual Car Boot sale)
- Community Suggestions Page – Ideas to Discuss & Consider
- A ‘Borrowing’ Board to offer and ask for things you may wish to borrow (e.g.Tools, DVDs)
- ‘Ten Questions’ Profiles / Interviews featuring local residents
- Competitions and Quizzes
- Polls (Serious and Fun)
- Videos and Photos of Local Events
- Liftshare / Carshare
- Recipe of the Week / Month
- Local Places to Visit (Reviews and Recommendations)
- BabySitting Wanted / Offered
- PetSitting Wanted / Offered
- Links with Claxton, GA (USA)

Give us your ideas to add to this list, tell us what you think are good and bad ideas and we will work towards improving and enlarging the site in the coming months.

Stuck for inspiration? have a look at where there are literally thousands of Village and Community Websites listed (we should be on there soon, too) and let us know what you’d like to see here.

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