December 14, 2018

Claxton Brickponds

Philip Orton of Claxton has kindly submitted an illustrated account of the clearance work currently being undertaken at the Brick Ponds.


You can download it HERE




  1. Fiona Davies says:

    What a really great article about the clearance work around Claxton brickponds. I moved to Claxton 5 years ago and can remember venturing into the woodland around the ponds, seeing the mysterious underground workings, and then coming upon the ponds themselves. I could hardly see the surface of the ponds for yellow water lilies. Not great for fishing I guess, but it was an astounding sight on a hot summers day. I haven’t seen the lilies since then.

    I’ve explored this area on a number of occasions, criss crossing the ponds on narrow wooden makeshift bridges, enjoying the bird life and occasionally seeing fish jump out of the water. This winter I took my grandchildren to see the ponds and they spent an excited half hour throwing sticks across the ice and listening to the ice singing after every shot. They insisted on climbing down into the bit of exposed flue shown in one of Phillips excellent photos and of course, Granny then had to climb down too in order to haul them out again. I didn’t venture over to the windpump as I was concerned about staying near the icy pond with two lively children for too long. Again, Phillips before and after photos really show the pump to great advantage. It’s amazing to find somthing so intact, interesting and rare on our doorstep.

    The article and photos reminded me of a special day out with my grandchildren. They’d picked a few bright red rosehips pocketed some bouncy moss and found flufffy sheeps wool stuck in the fence next to the wood. Their father had picked up sheeps wool after a rain shower when he was about 5, and was convinced it was a bit of cloud that had fallen from the sky. Dreadful mother that I was, I let him take it into school for ‘show and tell’ !

    So go see for yourselves all the hard work that is going on down in the woods today.

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