December 11, 2018

Village Hall Task Force Day

There must have been at least 30 people turned up through the day last Sunday to help out and just about all the tasks on the huge list were completed!

Anne & the list!

 Anne W who was ‘in charge’ was absolutely chuffed to bits with the response and so was June,  jointly responsible with Anne for the maintenance activities of the VH.

Sustinence by Joy & Margaret

June & Colin brought homemade soup to fortify the workers and then set about the upholstered chairs and cakes and biccies were made and organised by Ann, Fiona, Joy  Margaret & Laura, Joy and Margaret were keeping the troops going all day with continual refreshments.

David E ably assisted by Owen was heaving out the wooden tables for cleaning which then evolved into preservation as Fiona found there was a touch of woodworm.  Meanwhile Ann Walker was cleaning all the metal tables indoors. Freda will be pleased that the tiles have been put up in the toilets, here you can see the evidence of Nigel’s hand.

Nigel's Handywork

Table Cleaning Team

Nigel and Fergus got onto the porch roof and sorted the leaks and Mike R was ‘persuaded’ by Dave & Pete to squeeze into a very small space to put some stabilizer into the heating system.  From inside the space a distant voice was heard to say “This is great, the old team is back together again!”

Mike Stuck?

Viv cleaned the millenium textile which she had desinged 12 years previously.  Caroline cleaned all the windows inside and Deborah & Lynne on the outside with Rosie and her long handled mop.  Geoff worked his magic with the paintbrush along with Rich and Angela set about the front door with gusto.

Angela Front Door Shine

Linda, Ken and Trish tackled the shrubbery aided by Rob, and Dave, Peter and Pete finally found the roadside water stop cock, unknown for at least ten years whilst Tim uncovered the fire hydrant!

Andrew turned up just in time to scrape the the peeling plaster and Mike Y offered his expertise in sorting out some of the windows and the paths.

Anne and Pete would really like to thank everyone who took part, it was a brilliant day and a perfect example of the community getting together to achieve something really really good.