May 24, 2019

New School Website Revealed!

The shiny new website for Sand Hutton C E Primary School was unveiled at todays school open day. It has been designed and developed by the ‘Claxton WebTwins’ – Andrew & Martin who have spent the last couple of months stretching pixels and making it the the ‘Probably best Primary School Website in Yorkshire’. Both have daughters who attend the school.

The team were presented with a highly prized ‘Headteachers award’ for their efforts and a bottle of ‘creative sprit’ by Mrs. Wardell. Photographs were specially taken by School Governer James Drury of Flaxton and School Governor Gill Ramsden, also of Flaxton has crafted some beautiful illustrations and a smart new logo based upon the Well at Sand Hutton.

The site contains loads of information for existing and new parents and will be updated regularly by the school team. Prospective parents can download a newly written School Prospectus and New Starters Guide. A diary contains important dates and there are lots of super pictures in the Gallery giving a taste of life at the school.  All three classes have their own pages with articles and pictures of the schools many activities.

The schoolchildren performed their very own song ‘Surfing all over the web’ to celebrate the launch and a special cake was cut (and eaten) to mark the occasion.

Further ideas for the site include some pages on the history of the School and a video ‘TV Programme’ produced by the pupils – watch this space for developments.

To celebrate the launch a ‘Virtual Easter Egg’ has been hidden on the School website and the first pupil to find it will receive a super Chocolate Easter Egg courtesy of the web team.

Click below to take a look at the site, tell us what you think in the comments below and remember to bookmark the site in your browser at




  1. Gill Wroe says:

    Congratulation to the web designers, who have worked so hard to produce a very bright, user-friendly web-site for the school. I attended the website launch and had a lovely afternoon. The children were so excited and thrilled when Andrew Fawcett and Martin Wheldon officially ‘opened’ it! They are so proud of their school and now their friends and relatives all over the World can see what a busy, happy place it is. Thank you.

  2. Angela says:

    What a great new website – I really like the colourful look you’ve given it and it’s nice for non parents to find out what is happening at our lovely local school. Well done ‘web twins’.

  3. I had a few very enjoyable hours looking round my first school, which I attended in the late 1940′s.I met Pauline Harrison there just after lunch and had a good natter with the teachers and kids. Paulines husband Peter did not attend, busy looking after grand kids! Seeing all the happy smiling kids getting excited about there new website was very exciting for the grown-ups aswell, and the children singing there in-tro for the website was fantastic. I left an old school picture from 1949 there for the teachers to upload onto the site, I can remember most of there names in the pic but a few escape me, maybe some other old timer might recognize themselves. Thank you all for a lovely time. Pete.

  4. PS to previous post.
    Being born at Gate Helmsley, I attended SH school in January 1950 when Mr. Milne was head master and a Mrs Pounder? I think. were the only teachers. The canteen was across the road where we had to queue before rushing across to tuck into a lovely hot meal, the menu varied, maybe beef stew, rabbit, chicken, hare, crow pie, pidgeon pie, or pork, all with cabbage/carrots/peas/beans and potatoes, can’t ever remember chips, sweet would be sponge pudding, spotted dick, rice or sago, apple tart, all with custard, you could always go back for seconds, if there was any left.There was always a jug of water and plastic beakers to swill it all down. In those days we all had free milk to drink, which was in a 3rd of a pint, (I’ll leave that for you to convert to metric) in winter the milk was frozen solid in the bottle, (having been delivered very early in the morning and would expand out, pushing the foil top off the top of the bottle when the teacher would put the crate of milk in front of the coal fire in the corner of the class room to thaw out. Hope you enjoy reading my stories of when I started school. Regards Pete.

  5. thanks for all the kind comments – Andrew.

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