December 17, 2018

Claxton & Sand Hutton Community Library

From 2 July the Community Library will open every Monday morning 10am – 12 noon in the village hall. The collection of books is growing so why not pop in and take a look. Enjoy a cup of tea at the same time!

For Claxton & Sand Hutton residents – If you or someone you know would like to borrow a book but can’t get to the village hall then please call me – Angela Steele on 468396 to find out details of the free home delivery service.

A full list of the available books will be published on this website shortly.

Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Produce Show

Just a reminder about the village produce show on September 1st 2012. Your schedule of classes was delivered earlier this year and I thought it an opportune moment to bring to the attention of the newly formed Ryedale photography group, the classes for photographs. This year the photography classes for adults include any size mounted photo’s of: ‘Portrait’ (human or animal), ‘Landscape’, ‘Humorous’, ‘Sporting Moment’, ‘Our Jubilee Celebration’ and ‘Chocolate’. For those between 13 to 18 there is a class for any size photographs taken on a mobile phone and for children under 13 there is a class for any size photo ‘Picture of my Bike’.

Happy Snapping!


Parish Council

The next meeting is on Monday 25 June 2012 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall, Sand Hutton.
The agenda is available on the website
Look forward to seeing you there
All Welcome
Fiona Hill
Parish Clerk

Minutes from Annual Parish Council Meeting

The minutes from the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 14th May 2012 are now up on the notice boards and also on the website HERE (click on link)

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 25th June at 7.30pm in Sand Hutton Village Hall. The Agenda is available HERE

Community Library SOS

The Claxton & Sand Hutton Community Library project is taking shape but we need more books!
If you have any books you no longer require, please donate them to the community library so that others may get enjoyment from them.
We are looking for Fiction and Non Fiction books – paperbacks or hardbacks. We would also be pleased to receive unwanted DVDs.

Additionally, we are also looking for a bookcase of approximate size 134cm width, 94 cm height (that’s 52 inches x 37 inches for non metric users!)

If you are able to help with any of these items please call Anne White (tel 468550) or Angela Steele (tel 468396).

Community Library Opening Time

The Community Library (based in the village hall) will be open on Wednesday June 20th
from 12 noon – 3pm. Lots of books to choose from and all for free. Please pop in and see us.

I am in the process of producing a list of all the books (and DVDs) we currently hold and which will be regularly updated. If you would like a free copy please contact me – Angela on tel 468396 (Large print version will be available on request).

De-Fib Appeal

De-Fib Appeal – 13th June 2012

Following on from our introduction courses held in the village hall last year to the benefits of owning Defibrillator’s in our villages.

Now we would like to install a CPad (community Public Access Defibrillation) one in Claxton and one in Sand Hutton that could be used 24/7/365. The cabinets will be wall mounted, one in Claxton, one in Sand Hutton, there will be easy access to them and will only be abled to be opened by access code given by the emergency services via a 999 call. (

Because we want to ensure that anyone suffering a heart attack, who has only 4 or 5 minutes gets the best treatment. It can take 8 minutes for an emergency medical team to arrive in our villages, thats in a clear traffic situation!

We start our appeal to-day, we need £4,000 to cover the cost of purchasing them and having them installed. We are writing appeal letters to North Yorkshire County Council, The Parish Council, Rotary Clubs, Community Heartbeat Development Fund and others you may suggest.

Would you like to donate – please pop your donation in an envelope (cheques made payable to C & SH Parish Council “DEFIB APPEAL”

c/o Liz Heath, Lawnswood Claxton York YO60 7RZ
Tel: 01904 468428 – Email:

North Yorkshire Now – Latest Issue

The latest issue of the North Yorkshire County Council Magazine / Newsletter can be seen on the link below (opens in new window).

Flooding in Claxton, anybody missing a racket?

You will no doubt be aware of Saturdays mini-deluge which affected the villages and thoughts are with those who were directly affected.

Much of the water from Claxton ended up being swept down the stream running past Bill & Liz Heaths house and between ours and the Cussins garden next door. As well as a wheelbarrow and part of a wall being washed away we discovered the slightly bent Badminton racket pictured below which was swept down the stream – if anybody recognises it please call us on (01904) 468020.

Bill has also posted some pictures on his website at

Lets hope that is all for the ‘Claxton mini Tsunami’ of June 2012……

Andrew Fawcett

Civic pride

The Parish Council recently received this certificate from Ryedale District Council in recognition of our litter pick, the snow clearance and sign cleaning undertaken around the villages.

Grateful thanks go to everyone who helped to keep our villages neat & tidy.