December 17, 2018

Welly Throwing Results!

OK Here we go! The Welly Throwing Results from the Jubilee Party Picnic held on 2nd June

Tom G (dashing friend of Sara and Tom) = 23.19M
David (The Welly) Brewer? = 22.49M
Richard (Just Slightly Competitive) Field = 20.1M

Big Kids
Dylan = 16.56M
Alex Field = 11.58M
Charlie = 11M

Little Kids (5 and under)
Isabel = 4.49M
Thomas = 2.79M

Pretty impressive throws – well done everyone. Tom G was delighted to win his special Royal pork pie from Vicarage Farm and the children enjoyed their prizes too. Thanks for donating the wellies Pat and thank you to the measuring team including Sara and Emma.
Perhaps we should have an annual Claxton and Sand Hutton Welly Throwing Contest?