December 11, 2018

De-Fib Appeal

De-Fib Appeal – 13th June 2012

Following on from our introduction courses held in the village hall last year to the benefits of owning Defibrillator’s in our villages.

Now we would like to install a CPad (community Public Access Defibrillation) one in Claxton and one in Sand Hutton that could be used 24/7/365. The cabinets will be wall mounted, one in Claxton, one in Sand Hutton, there will be easy access to them and will only be abled to be opened by access code given by the emergency services via a 999 call. (

Because we want to ensure that anyone suffering a heart attack, who has only 4 or 5 minutes gets the best treatment. It can take 8 minutes for an emergency medical team to arrive in our villages, thats in a clear traffic situation!

We start our appeal to-day, we need £4,000 to cover the cost of purchasing them and having them installed. We are writing appeal letters to North Yorkshire County Council, The Parish Council, Rotary Clubs, Community Heartbeat Development Fund and others you may suggest.

Would you like to donate – please pop your donation in an envelope (cheques made payable to C & SH Parish Council “DEFIB APPEAL”

c/o Liz Heath, Lawnswood Claxton York YO60 7RZ
Tel: 01904 468428 – Email:

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