December 17, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 25.3.13 : Looking Ahead

This cold is so relentless, you feel there’ll never be any change in the garden; snowdrops will be in flower for ever, they’ll never give way to daffodils and tulips, anemones and irises, let alone roses. But what we know, even if we can’t feel it or really believe it, is that Spring shall come. The equinox is past, the sun is on our side, days will get longer and there shall be warmth. But waiting for this longed-for treat is such a test of patience – and of looking ahead because when it comes, everything in the garden will go mad.

One aim I’ve had in the last few years is to grow flowers for the house; indeed, when I retired, I had ideas about starting a cut-flower business – seasonal flowers, organically grown, delivered by bike. Sense prevailed, especially when I thought about delivering delphiniums by bike, but having the fantasy did at least help me to acknowledge that “doing the flowers” is a very enjoyable activity, and that I should make sure there’s always something in the garden I can put in a vase.

Difficult to achieve this aim at the moment and I’ve had to resort to buying bunches of daffs, but at least they’re not the abomination of roses or chrysanths out of season. One thing we can do is cut twigs of forsythia and they’ll soon come into flower in the warmth of the house. Another that I’ve finally got round to trying is hellebore flowers floating in a bowl of water – and aren’t they fantastic, those lovely colours all together with beautiful markings hidden inside the flowers. So, more needed for next year, but meanwhile, must get some sweet peas started for the new allotment.

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Claxton & Sand Hutton Knit and Natter – Monday 1st April

Claxton & Sand Hutton Knit & Natter Group welcomes everyone to the next meeting on Monday 1st April (Easter Monday) in the Village Hall 10.00am to 12 noon.

Further details CLICK HERE (Adobe Reader Required)

Rachel 01904 468336

New on the Parish Website : Archives

There is now an archive of all of the past articles available on the Parish website under the ‘News and Events’ menu. You can also use the search box at the top of the page to find anything of interest on the site. The web team will be meeting again shortly, so if you have any comments or suggestions around the site and what you would like to see on it contact us here :

We are always looking for new volunteers to help build, promote and maintain the site so if you’d like to help please let us know; and. most importantly, keep your contributions flowing!

Cardiac Arrest Defibrillators


Following the successful appeal, both villages now have 2 defibrillators. Last week, 32 residents attended a training event at the village hall on how to recognise sudden cardiac arrest and when/how to use defibrillators.

CLICK HERE for the latest E-News defibrillator update

Lights Out Land Girls!


Theatre on your doorstep! The Badapple Theatre Company who brought us Eddie and the Gold Tops, A Yorkshire Christmas Carol and The Land Girls of Yorkshire are returning with their new production, Light Out Land Girls!

Sunday 19 May at 7.30pm, Sand Hutton and Claxton Village Hall.

Tickets: £9.50 all adults/£5 under 16s

To book, ring Caroline Hall 468376 or Fiona Davies 468001

York Press Sales

Would anyone like to begin to order the York Press, to collect from box at my gate in the village hall car park? Please let me know if you are interested, on 468571.
Deborah Bayley

Village Hall Spring Clean Cancelled

Unfortunately tomorrows spring clean of the village hall has been postponed and will be reorganised during April. Thank you to those who offered to help and apologies for the lack of notice.

John Short

Women’s Institute – March Meeting

Last night at the WI, we had a wonderful talk entitled “The Good Life – Part 2”. No, not about Tom & Barbara from Surbiton but Maureen (and her hubby David) from Stockton on the Forest.

Maureen gave her first speech to us last year and this was the follow up about the trials and tribulations of life on a small holding farm. And what trials there were!

We heard all about their first ram called Jack, a virile tup and no mistake who eventually grew so large and with a tendency to head butt anyone who came near, the decision was taken to sell him on at market. There wasn’t a dry eye in the hall (from laughter) as Maureen told us of Jack’s disgrace at market when he decided to mount the pedigree ram in front as they were led into the ring. Oh the shame of it ………….

We heard about lambing time and the case of the ewe who was so keen to be a mother that she couldn’t wait for the birth of her own lambs, so ‘lamb napped’ one of her neighbour’s brood!

Then there was the story of Moss, the border collie who never really got the hang of rounding up sheep rather he just ran through the flock, scattering them as he went. Strangely though, they then all followed him home in single file.

And so the stories went on and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Life is never dull, that’s for sure

There was a great turnout of members, despite the biting wind and everyone wished member Ann (and her husband Jim) a very happy golden wedding anniversary for Saturday, toasting her with bucks fizz and scrumptious home made cakes.

Next month is a musically themed evening and new ladies would be sure of a very warm welcome if they wished to attend.

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 19.3.13 : Sun’s Out!

And what a difference it makes. Energy and optimism return, so I’m out tidying up the bed near the front door, cutting back the Japanese quince and a hydrangea. New Year’s resolution that I shall keep at least this bed looking good at all times, so last week I bought it some more daffodils, two potfuls of Tete-a-Tete, in flower, instant pleasure instead of my usual frugal note that next autumn I need to plant more bulbs there for next spring. Can’t wait these days; of my three score years and ten, an awful lot won’t come again.

Then favourite job, dividing up and moving snowdrops round. They’re still in flower so I can see what the effect will be like next year, aiming first just to have more, and second, that they’ll look as if they belong in the new site; they’re woodland plants so I’ve put some in the spinney and some with the hellbores under the oak tree.

The ground’s too wet to do much more but it’s too nice to go indoors, so get out my camera to take photos of the cyclamen that are looking lovely in a bed next to the drive. I’ve got both Cyclamen hederifolium and C. coum there; the ivy-leaved one flowered up to Christmas but its variegated leaves still look good as C. coum takes over with its sweet round leaves and flowers that look like little propellers of pink and white. I love these hardy cyclamen; they’re only little but they’re tough, and once established, they keep on coming every winter, each year covering more ground and new babies popping up. So my last job yesterday was to dig one up and move it to another part of the garden.

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Village Hall Spring Clean

The Village Hall committee have arranged a spring cleaning event this Sunday, 24th March,
from 10am – 12pm. There are a range of both indoor and outdoor tasks, including cleaning windows, sprucing up the upholstery on the chairs, washing paintwork, clearing gutters, pressure washing the ramp, cleaning tables, having another clear out of the shed etc.

Cleaning materials will be provided, we just need the elbow grease! Refreshments will be provided for all the volunteers. Last years Spring Clean was very well attended and enjoyed by all who came. If you use the Village Hall regularly why not come along and help to keep it looking great.

For enquiries please ring either Anne White – 468550 or Fiona Davies 468001.