January 23, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 14.3.13 : Bad Garden Day

Wondering if methods of getting oneself to face a blank page and write something will work for getting me out into the garden. A good one is simply to write for 5 minutes without worrying about what you’ve written – it gets your hand moving and words reassuringly get written. Even better is to write for 5 minutes on “why I can’t write today”. I suppose the gardening equivalent would be to pick up a trowel (my favourite tool, I want to be buried with my trowel) and do something to get started.

So why don’t I?

It’s cold. It’s freezing. The ground is hard. The beautiful hellebores have all collapsed. I’ve got a cold and am reluctant to take in lungfulls of painfully cold air.
OK so do something indoors!
Did that yesterday. Result: ordered a ridiculous quantity of seeds in the vain hope I might actually get some to grow and they’ll look as stunning as the photos in the catalogue.
Maybe you feel a bit guilty about that?
Yes! I think I should get the heated propagator out and do something with the seeds I already have but I can’t be bothered.
OK, have a day off.
But it’s the middle of March and when – IF – the weather cheers up, there’ll be a lot to do and it’ll all be too late, another year wasted, I’m a total failure.
Oh come on, pull yourself together.

I think I could just manage to get out the propagator and put it in place; then maybe sort through the seeds I didn’t sow last year. That’ll be a start.

Later: I did it! And I discovered that the Astrantia seeds I sowed last autumn have germinated – apparently they like cold so not all is failure.

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