January 23, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 19.3.13 : Sun’s Out!

And what a difference it makes. Energy and optimism return, so I’m out tidying up the bed near the front door, cutting back the Japanese quince and a hydrangea. New Year’s resolution that I shall keep at least this bed looking good at all times, so last week I bought it some more daffodils, two potfuls of Tete-a-Tete, in flower, instant pleasure instead of my usual frugal note that next autumn I need to plant more bulbs there for next spring. Can’t wait these days; of my three score years and ten, an awful lot won’t come again.

Then favourite job, dividing up and moving snowdrops round. They’re still in flower so I can see what the effect will be like next year, aiming first just to have more, and second, that they’ll look as if they belong in the new site; they’re woodland plants so I’ve put some in the spinney and some with the hellbores under the oak tree.

The ground’s too wet to do much more but it’s too nice to go indoors, so get out my camera to take photos of the cyclamen that are looking lovely in a bed next to the drive. I’ve got both Cyclamen hederifolium and C. coum there; the ivy-leaved one flowered up to Christmas but its variegated leaves still look good as C. coum takes over with its sweet round leaves and flowers that look like little propellers of pink and white. I love these hardy cyclamen; they’re only little but they’re tough, and once established, they keep on coming every winter, each year covering more ground and new babies popping up. So my last job yesterday was to dig one up and move it to another part of the garden.

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