January 23, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 25.3.13 : Looking Ahead

This cold is so relentless, you feel there’ll never be any change in the garden; snowdrops will be in flower for ever, they’ll never give way to daffodils and tulips, anemones and irises, let alone roses. But what we know, even if we can’t feel it or really believe it, is that Spring shall come. The equinox is past, the sun is on our side, days will get longer and there shall be warmth. But waiting for this longed-for treat is such a test of patience – and of looking ahead because when it comes, everything in the garden will go mad.

One aim I’ve had in the last few years is to grow flowers for the house; indeed, when I retired, I had ideas about starting a cut-flower business – seasonal flowers, organically grown, delivered by bike. Sense prevailed, especially when I thought about delivering delphiniums by bike, but having the fantasy did at least help me to acknowledge that “doing the flowers” is a very enjoyable activity, and that I should make sure there’s always something in the garden I can put in a vase.

Difficult to achieve this aim at the moment and I’ve had to resort to buying bunches of daffs, but at least they’re not the abomination of roses or chrysanths out of season. One thing we can do is cut twigs of forsythia and they’ll soon come into flower in the warmth of the house. Another that I’ve finally got round to trying is hellebore flowers floating in a bowl of water – and aren’t they fantastic, those lovely colours all together with beautiful markings hidden inside the flowers. So, more needed for next year, but meanwhile, must get some sweet peas started for the new allotment.

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