December 14, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 30.4.13 : Flower Show Shopping

Had a great time at Harrogate last week, apart from trying to find a dry place to eat lunch (how different from Australian lunch experiences). Came back with only 3p in purse and a lot of plants, none of which, of course, were on my list of plants intended as control of impulse buying. The stalls of nurseries like Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants and Edrom’s nurseries from Scotland had me swooning, impulse to possess just overwhelming; exquisite delicate plants grouped together in absolute perfection. And they’re at waist height; this must be a significant factor in selling them. Found myself looking forward to my years in a wheelchair, gardening in a warm greenhouse where I’ll have pots of alpines at eye-level on the staging.

Meanwhile, it’s back to gardening at ground level in a cold wind, wondering where on earth, literally, am I going to put these treasures, some of which seem less attractive now. Am reminded of perils of Flower Show shopping by seeing pink flower on the Geranium macrorrhizum that’s actually poor Lathyrus vernus trying to be seen; it’s in its fourth home, being an impulse buy (Harrogate 2007) that I’ve never found the right place for.

However, am very excited about one of my impulse-buys, Saruma henryii; I liked its strong furry shoots and heart-shaped leaves, and now I’ve got it home, it’s flowered – a greeny-lemony yellow flower with quite delicate, crinkly petals that goes really well with the browny-green velvety leaves. Have looked it up on web; it’s a Chinese native, “as sublime as it is uncommon……makes a superb specimen in a shady border” –good choice! Am going to make sure it’s happy here.

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