January 23, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 27.5.13: Chance is a fine thing

It’s a bit of a cliché that some of the best plantings in garden are those made by plants themselves, but it’s true. Amazing things they’ve done recently include forget-me-nots who’ve got together with Bowles’ golden grass growing round a silver-leaved dwarf willow, a beautiful combination; although it must be said that forget-me-nots and the golden grass try it on with every plant so the chances of some relationships working is quite high.

Some of the chance things are actually arranged by me, but accidentally; some pink tulips I put in are looking wonderful growing among the dark cowparsley, Ravenswing, but this is a fluke – I forgot what else was there when I put in the tulips last autumn.
Another accident, again with tulips; this time, some thought went into their planting, in a bed that’s been given over to hydrangea Annabelle but would look a bit bare in spring, so tulips growing up between the branches would be the answer. However, two pieces of luck – one, I got my tulips mixed and put in Shirley instead of White Emperor, two, Honesty had sown itself around in the same bed, with forget-me-nots of course, living up to their name; result, a tasteful match of Shirley with her purple-flushed cheeks among the purple Honesty with undergrowth of blue – looks beautiful, as if planned.

If you rely on luck, however, you have also to put up with the chance encounters that don’t work – Tete-a-tete daffs planted in a hurry this spring did not go with Für Elise tulips that I’d put in same place last year.

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