January 23, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 30.5.13: Cheering

Cold wet morning but did post-breakfast tour of garden anyway; and rewarded by cheering sight of plants looking really well and flourishing, not bashed down and miserable. There’s a lovely group of columbines in different colours, seeded themselves just in the right place, and the new Camassias look lovely today in rain, the pale blue with large buttery stamens sparkling through drops of water.

And a great thrill – my one plant of Ranunculus aconitifolium ‘Flore Pleno’ is now in full flower and actually in this grey weather, it looks especially beautiful; its flowers are quite small and don’t make much impact except it has long airy flowering stems that show off its exquisite pure white densely-double buttons above the green of later perennials. I love white flowers with dark green foliage, such as Lily-of-the-Valley, Philadelphus, other favourites. Seems odd that this one should be a buttercup, being more milk than butter – though its common name is ‘Bachelor’s Buttons’, sometimes ‘Fair Maids of France’. Learned about this quite rare plant years ago from Graham Stuart Thomas’s inspiring book on perennials, and have been trying to grow it ever since; today it’s perfection.

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  1. Angela Steele says:

    The Camassias seem to look particularly vibrant this year – global warming ………..or just Mother Nature giving us a treat after such a cold spell?

  2. yes, I’ve noticed lots of things are looking especially good this year – did they really enjoy being flooded? Did lose a lot of tulips, and wonder if they rotted in continual wet?

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