December 14, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 6.6.13: Yellow Roses of Sand Hutton

June morning, and Frühlingsgold is out, what bliss! Described in my dictionary of roses as “one of the finest shrubs which can be grown in any garden of sufficient size to contain it and show off its beauty” – think this means “don’t prune too much and let it do its thing”, because it does have long arching branches and when festooned with its large creamy-yellow flowers, is, as dictionary says, “a wonderful sight”. The first time it flowered, I found myself saying rapturously to it ”oh, I do love you!” and then hoping nobody had heard me.

Another rose I’m very fond of, Cantabrigiensis, has been out for a few days already. Quite similar in its flowers, single creamy-yellow, but shrub itself is quite different, sturdy upright branches, very prickly, with delicate foliage; it’s a hybrid, bred in Cambridge, “a distinct improvement on both its parents” says dictionary rather rudely.

And then last night, noticed yet another of same colour – I think I must like primrose-yellow – is just out. This one is Agnes, a Rugosa hybrid bred in Canada; a straggly bush but redeemed by double roses of that lovely colour and scent.

It must be summer!

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