May 24, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 20.7.2013: “The Glory of the Garden”

“……such gardens are not made
By singing: – “Oh, how beautiful!” and sitting in the shade.” (Kipling)
No, indeed, but isn’t it wonderful to be forced to do it at the moment, weather being too hot to do anything else (one reason for going to hot countries – can only sit and read by the pool).
Makes me remember that many people’s reason for having a garden is to sit in it or in my case, lie in recliner, looking up at blue sky, listening to bees busy in the sweet chestnut. Bliss.
Have been musing recently on why we garden, and why we have gardens, ever since visiting a most beautiful garden; it’s one that depends on employing a full-time gardener, so owner comes back from work and has a lovely place to walk around in but it seemed to me that the gardener was the one having all the fun. Not that he’s “grubbing weeds from gravel paths with broken dinner-knives” but as Kipling is saying, the work is what’s important – what goes on behind the stately views, “The Glory of the Garden lies in more than meets the eye.” Have come to earth-shattering conclusion that the main reason I have a garden is so I can garden.

Also realized that musing on this after the visit is partly motivated by feelings of inadequacy as a gardener. They had a gorgeous romantic area full of blue campanulas and white foxgloves, exactly the colour scheme I’d originally intended for my main flower-bed, but you’d never guess – there are some blue and white things but somehow, also a magenta geranium, yellow phlomis, and lurid-red oriental poppy. Major replanting needed in the autumn, but meanwhile, I’ll sit in the shade and plan it.

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