November 21, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 8.08.13: Days Out

Back from day out with a bagful of appropriately-named Day Lily. Day Lilies are out in the garden too, a lovely new one called Gentle Shepherd with large creamy-white flowers, bought last year, two more added this year to make instant clump. Another, called Winsome Lady, is also in full flower. I’ve had it since 2000 so it’s now grown itself into a satisfying clump but I’m always slightly disappointed by its colour, having been sold by description in catalogue as “plum” which I expected to be dark purple – no, they’re talking about Victoria plums; actually, looking back at the catalogue now, I see it says “pale plum-washed creamy flowers”, hmm, maybe.

Although not what I’d hoped for, it has nevertheless thoroughly convinced me of desirability of Day Lilies; botanic name Hemerocallis says it, hemeros, day, and kalos, beautiful, and that’s what they do, have one beautiful flower a day – fortunately, each stem has several flowers opening one after another and stems take turns too, so a large clump goes on for weeks. And Winsome Lady is not only “cheerful, pleasant and attractive”, as dictionary defines winsome, but also she flowers in August, and since to look at things in bloom, August is the cruellest month (after roses, before Michaelmas daisies) – this makes her a star and all is forgiven about lack of plumness.
And what is more, the day-out lilies from friend’s garden are really plum, i.e. dark purple, AND flowering now.

But last night, after day out, went to see look at the garden, and what a shock – two or three autumn-flowering Cyclamen are up! Days are running out.

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