December 17, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 3.9.13: A month has passed

…. And I’ve not felt inspired to write about the garden. Theories: (a) it’s boring (both garden and me); (b), related to (a), Spring flowers much more exciting – looking back at previous flower photos (to choose for Village Show, hint, hint), the flowers of April, May and June seem much fresher – maybe because of their novelty after cold winter; (c) I’ve been walking and cycling rather than gardening – I’ve had such a lovely time biking everywhere that I suspect that my main reason for gardening is to be outside; (d) similarly, have felt a strong need to harvest something and be out in the fields in August (must be the farming genes) and so have been picking-my-own at the farm shop. At least there I’m outdoors with my fingers on the fruit, and now blackberrying just begun which is even better because free.

Nevertheless, I still walk round garden many times a day and there’s been some nice things to look at, especially the new bed that is full of random things flowering very healthily. It had imported topsoil and like so many garden imports, brought some unwelcome stowaways – Mare’s tail! Horrifying! Dug up immediately and put in dustbin. But there are nasturtiums, Cosmos, some of which mysteriously turned into marigolds (poor labeling, Chiltern Seeds!), opium poppies, and a lovely collection of different Nigella (you’re forgiven, Chiltern Seeds) – light blue, dark blue, rose pink, and the amazing “African Bride”.

Then this morning, realize Harvest is here in the garden; wonderful crop of ripe plums were hiding at the top of the tree waiting for me to look up. Epicure, our delicious early eating apple is ready and so are the pears. But it’s not just the gathering, the fruit are beautiful on the trees in the September sun and I’m inspired again.

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