May 24, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 28.11.13: Planting bulbs and autumn thoughts

At last got round to getting bulbs in the ground, better late than never. But all in a rush, and for the first time, haven’t bothered to record where I put what. This feels strange and rather risky not to do usual obsessive note-taking, but what could happen? Either the bulbs come up next spring and I’ll get a nice surprise because I’ve forgotten they’re there, or they won’t come up in which case, because I’ve forgotten, I won’t know they haven’t, so it doesn’t matter.

I think I’m getting old.

I did actually take some notes in the spring e.g. “put more Leucojums near purple hazel” but come October there weren’t any in the shop and instead got a rather random set of tulips. Then, planting late November, main aim was not to let them rot in the shed so just had to guess where they might look nice in the garden. There might be a general lesson here (as I often think about gardening and life), which is, rather than trying for perfection and failing, just do what you can now. I am getting old.

But getting old brings its glories, at least if you’re a leaf; haven’t the autumn colours been wonderfully gorgeous and warming this year? The changes in leaves as they die and fall have been so dramatic; they really shout about the significance of seasons as context for our lives. They’re also far removed from our fiddling around with plans for the garden, there’s a much bigger picture out there. That’s my excuse, anyway.

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  1. Angela Steele says:

    I did a ‘pot luck’ bulb bed this year – lots of various bulbs I’d lifted earlier in the year but then forgot to label so come Spring, I should have a riot of different bulbs to enjoy and if some don’t come up, I’ll probably not notice!

    I agree with your Autumn colours comment; they seemed slow to get going this year but the last couple of weeks have been glorious.

  2. viv tidball says:

    I too had a random bulb moment last year and the surprise in Spring was wonderful. I felt someone had left me a secret present. I am still planting perennials, will get there eventually. I was in Shropshire last week with my grandaughters and the colour of the leaves was spectacular.

  3. Trev says:

    Bulb planting in my garden is a battle of wits between me and the squirrels… and the cat…

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