December 19, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 31.12.2013: Coming Full Circle

New Year’s Eve, and here I am again with a bud of Iris unguicularis opening in a vase, and admiring pots of Primula malacoides, plants that began this diary at the start of the year. Garden’s come full circle. Not surprising on a planet that has goes a full circle round the sun, that’s what a year is.

But it’s not exactly the same as last year, earth and moon wobble around on cycles of their own, sun spots change the weather, time passes, things happen. On a miniscule human scale of one person growing some seed, the Fairy Primroses are different this year – tried different seed company, American, to see if colour range is better; no, it’s not and unusually for American things, plants are smaller, while those from Chiltern Seeds are very healthy plants, many of them a lovely lavender colour.

Would be normal to sum up the year at this point, part of clearing out the old, but don’t really feel like it; summings up are often “highlights” and “10 top things” and those doesn’t capture my sense of what gardening is about. Could follow Helen Yemm’s garden piece in the newspaper that talks of things to do next year; had a couple of thoughts like that, especially as the Chiltern Seed catalogue has just arrived with message to “grow something new from seed” – maybe a Ginkgo? Now that’s an idea for 2014, I’d love to see baby leaves of oldest known flowering plant.

No, my bigger picture for the year is the wonder and glory of the changing seasons, through cold dry spring, cold early summer, to warm long days of later summer, beautiful mild autumn, and now windy wet winter. Shoots have pushed up, leaves unfurled, buds have opened, flowers delighted, leaves went fiery colours and fell, now there’s seed-heads and bare twigs against the sky. We’ve been round the sun – what a journey we had.

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