May 24, 2019

February WI Meeting

This month our speaker was Inspector Andy Everitt our Ryedale Police Commander talking about his work.

As might be expected, we also welcomed many visitors for this interesting evening.

After joining the police, Andy worked in Thames Valley Police and was stationed at Reading until 1991 then moved on to working as a trainer at the Thames Valley Police training school at Sulhamstead. Eventually posted to York, he performed a variety of operational uniform sergeant roles before being promoted to Inspector.

We were told that reassuringly Ryedale has one of the lowest crime rates in the country (only Broadland (Norfolk) and the Scilly Isles are lower) with much work undertaken to maintain this level and to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour further. We also heard about the ‘stronger families’ agenda being pursued by multi agency action in a bid to prevent some children sleep walking into a life of crime in adulthood.

We heard how belonging to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme really can help reduce crime. Recently, poachers had been caught after a phone call from a concerned resident in Ryedale.

We had a visual demonstration (courtesy of one of our members!) of the arrest procedure including the use of handcuffs, leg restraints and – such is an officer’s life these days, latex gloves and ‘spit bags’ to place over the head if required.

We were introduced to the police radio, stab proof vests, heard how the extendable baton is used as a last resort and how effective the CS gas canister can be (all police trainees are sprayed apparently, to know what it feels like). Thankfully, the taser was on duty elsewhere!

After arrest, we were then taken through the custody procedures.

There was a lively Q& A session including such topics as citizens’ arrest, the use of reasonable force in defending oneself and how we can expect to see more of our PCSO in our villages.

Overall, the evening was a great success.