December 14, 2018

Thank You Litter Pickers

What a pile! Thank you to all the litter pickers who helped out over the weekend and collected many,many bags of rubbish from our paths and verges. Both villages are looking much smarter.

About 25 litter pickers of all ages helped collect rubbish. As usual the ‘finds’ were varied from cans, glass bottles, crisp packets, food wrappers to the more unexpected traffic cones, a pair of waders, CDs, gloves, Yellow pages, toys and some other grim items that I won’t mention! After all the collecting, volunteers met at the Village Hall and were rewarded with tasty bacon sandwiches and a cup of tea. A special mention should go to Peter for collecting all the bags in his trailer and to Angela for very organised bacon sandwich making!

Not only is litter unsightly and unhygienic for us humans, our local pets and wildlife are at risk from litter. Thousands of animals are injured every year by litter and so we have helped our local wildlife too. Thank you to all those who joined the Parish Council to help.

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