May 24, 2019

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 25.3.2014: Returning to Earth

Not that I’ve been to outer space, but returning from down under with consequent jet-lag and confusion of seasons is a bit discombobulating and so it’s to the garden I turn for grounding. For the last two weeks in Australia I’d been looking forward to seeing if the broad beans are through that I sowed the day before we left. So first thing, having brought in the luggage and put the kettle on, I went to the greenhouse, and yehaar! The beans are up! Not quite the thrusting trayful I’d imagined but there’s 9 or 10 looking promising.

I was mocked for this wish; in the midst of all that Sydney has to offer, to want to go back to England to see a lowly bean was considered a bit odd. It’s what the Beanz mean that draws me home. Waiting for seeds to germinate is always exciting, and broad beans mean the gardening season is under way, with added promise of home-grown deliciousness that you can’t buy in shops, certainly not in a big city.

I was also looking forward to sowing other new seeds, especially Ginkgo and Pennisetum. Growing a Ginkgo tree whose lineage goes back 350 million years seems like an amazing adventure although having read up on how to grow them, I’m stalling – very complicated, involving bleach, fridges and poly bags. How did it manage in pre-fridge days?

Pennisetum is a beautiful grass that I bought one plant of last summer and thought it would be fun to see as babies. The University where we stay in Sydney had masses of it in a lovely planting so again I wanted to go home and grow my own. Despite going to university, they can’t read – the packet says “germination may take several months” and they’ve germinated after 2 days!

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