December 11, 2018

Neighbourhood Watch

Suspicious Doorstep Sellers

This is a North Yorkshire Police Message. North Yorkshire Trading Standards have been investigating a number of reports from all over North Yorkshire of a trader operating from a white Ford Transit van selling mattresses.

The explanation given to consumers is that the mattresses originate from a company due to go into liquidation and he is working on behalf of the company to sell as much stock as possible prior to liquidation. They carry business cards with the name “Durest Mattresses”. The mattresses are supposedly brand new memory foam mattresses and are sealed and labelled to indicate such.

A consumer after purchasing the mattress became suspicious and opened up the mattress to discover the “brand new” memory foam mattress was indeed a very old sprung mattress with a thin layer of foam and reupholstered. If you are approached by anyone selling mattresses in these circumstances then please contact North Yorkshire Police non emergency number or Trading Standards.