December 17, 2018

Notice of Open Meeting 12th May: High Speed Broadband for Sand Hutton & Claxton

Monday 12 May 2014 at 6.00pm

Sand Hutton and Claxton Village Hall, Sand Hutton

If you have been wondering what has been happening in trying to get high speed broadband to our area why not hear the latest position directly from John Moore, Chief Executive of NYnet. NYnet is tasked by NYCC in providing an ultra-high-speed internet network to ensure North Yorkshire is not left behind as information technology advances. In addition come and hear a talk as well as see a practical demonstration of satellite high speed broadband in action through a local seller of Tooway services (
For further information contact Professor Colin Garner –
Organised on behalf of South West Ryedale, The Wolds and Thixendale and North East Selby high speed broadband committees.