May 24, 2019


Regarding the dismal broadband service we receive. Recently ours has slowed to a virtual standstill (0.13 download 0.38 upload). Nigel spent an hour on the phone to AOL who insist the problem isn’t at their end – this has happened before and the speed has magically increased shortly afterwards – but just wanted to ask whether there has been a general slowdown recently or whether it is a problem with AOL. Thanks


  1. Sara and Tom Hall says:

    Yes we have had terrible broadband for the last week? This seems to happen quite often where it slows down for no apparent reason and then appears to return to ok?

  2. Mark says:

    Hello !

    Some advice for anyone who really needs faster internet but can’t wait for ‘proper’ broadband. My mobile phone contract (with 3Mobile) includes unlimited internet with ‘tethering’ which means that I can use my phone (iPhone) to provide a wifi hotspot for a number of other devices (desktop, laptop, TV box, iPads etc). The 3G speed in Sand Hutton is currently around 3Mb/s which is a lot faster than the current broadband. 3Mobile are upgrading The York area network to 4G this year which will be available without further cost, and this should provide up to 14 Mb/s which is a lot faster than the average wired broadband in the centre of York.

    It might be worth a look ! It works for us :)

    Kind regards, Mark K.

  3. Anne Denison says:

    Our internet speed is very poor too and we’re with Plusnet, so l don’t think it’s an AOL problem. I think there may be a problem with the lines, as these are very old and seem to be in poor condition, owing to rubbing on tree branches in various gardens and fields along our lane. We’ve had BT out about the line, but things have only improved marginally…l’m afraid we seem to be stuck with this alas! Hope this has helped with your query.

  4. I did see a BT OpenReach van yesterday at the Claxton Crossroads junction. Ours seems to have slowed quite a bit recently, too, but nothing like as much as you mention.

  5. Colin Garner says:

    I am the chairman of South West Ryedale High Speed Broadband Steering Committee and live in Sand Hutton. I am as fed up as you all about the poor broadband speeds we are receiving. Together with my committee we have been trying for 3 years to improve the situation but without success. On 12 May 2014 at 6.00pm in Sand Hutton and Claxton Village Hall an Open Meeting is being held in which John Moore, the Chief Executive of NYnet will be talking about the roll out of high speed broadband in our area. The government is committed to seeing 100% high speed broadband coverage by 2017! If you can’t wait that long you might be interested in seeing a demonstration of high speed satellite broadband at the 12 May meeting. Please do come along and tell your friends and neighbours about it. Perhaps we can make enough noise that we get some attention from Mr Moore.

  6. Amanda Steels says:

    Thanks for all the interesting replies. Just to update, after several long and frustrating phone calls Nigel persuaded AOL to send an engineer next week to check things out and if they find a problem outside the house they will report to Openreach. This was accompanied by a threat to charge us for the engineers’ visit if the problem turns out to be in the house but Nigel is sure it isn’t. Magically a couple of days later (yesterday) the download speed increased from 0.12 to 1.89!! Would be interested to know if that’s an average speed for the village so I’m armed with some info when the engineer visits. Maybe you would know that Colin? Thanks.

  7. Martin Wheldon says:

    Just out of interest I’ve run a speed test on our line (Zen Internet business pro package) and we are getting just over 6Mbps download and 0.34Mbps upload. However I suspect that the issue folks are having are down to contention with the majority of users purchasing the standard ADSL service which has either 50:1 or if you are lucky 20:1 contention, in addition service providers apply traffic prioritisation during busy periods meaning people who have purchased the more expensive broadband packages get priority.

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