December 11, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 20.5.2014: Getting to grips

I first grew the cup-and-saucer plant, called Cobea, from seed given away in a magazine – had never heard of it before, but thought I’d give it a go – and what a discovery, it’s amazing! The flowers are quite extraordinary, starting with the huge sculptural buds, pink with marked green veins that turn into the “saucer”, from which a green “cup” then pushes out, becoming purple as it does so. It’s gorgeous.

That was in 2009. Despite its gorgeousness, I didn’t repeat the experiment until this year when I wanted something to replace a failed clematis. Bought seed this time, and they’re away. Cobea is a climber and my goodness, it’s ambitious, reaching for the sky. As soon as it has its first two proper leaves, the tendrils start to unfurl and in a day or two, they’re several inches long and climbing up whatever stands close to it – including a human finger if you look at it for more than a few seconds.

Cobea’s method of climbing is interesting; the tendrils don’t grip by curling round a support as sweet pea, and it doesn’t twine its stem round as a bean might. Its long tendrils are very fine and many-branched, each being equipped with tiny hooks; the tendril waves around until it touches something, which the hooks then grasp, the tendril rapidly shortens and hauls the plant upwards. I know about this because I’ve been watching it through a hand-lens – yes, very nerdy but only copying Darwin who did this sort of thing in his garden. And as he knew, when you look closely at nature, it’s turns out to be quite sinister. Bad news for the clematis that meanwhile has regrown and is politely twining round its obelisk.

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Neighbour Hood Watch

The following message received from the North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging Service

There have been a number of recent burglaries where car keys have been targeted. This serves as a timely reminder to home owners about the importance of ensuring valuables are hidden away from sight when left unattended. Even when at home.

Doors and windows should be locked when possible and no valuables left within reach and sight of open windows/letter boxes.

If you see anybody who is acting in a suspicious manner please call the police immediately on 101

Ryedale Book Festival

Call for volunteers:
The Ryedale Book Festival people are looking for volunteers to help at this year’s festival on 11th and 12th October in Malton. Take a look at the wonderful events that will be taking place at the festival:
Anyone interested in helping (a lot or a little) please call Libby on 01653 669107 or

Message from Gill Moss, Claxton:
I went to the Ryedale Book Festival last year with a friend and we thought it was brilliant but, unfortunately, not very well attended. This year I am trying to help them to advertise the event more widely. They do need more volunteers though to help in all sorts of areas including; preparing for this year’s event, marshalling at the event and planning for the future. So, if you are interested, please do get in touch with Libby. She will be delighted to hear from you.

Asparagus Galore

A quick thank you to the as-ever brilliant team who put together this years SH&C Asparagus Supper. We enjoyed a huge array of treats, salads and even ice cream topped off with an Asaparagus-themed quiz and entertaining musical and poetic interludes. All great fun. If anybody has any photos don’t forget to post them up on the website.

….. Oh, and if anybody fancies cooking Asparagus for tea this evening let Liese know – she has some tips ;)  !!

Badapple Theatre Company “The Thankful Village”

“The Thankful Village”
Enjoying warm responses from audiences across the country…
The World War I comedy-drama The Thankful Village has had a tremendous reception from audiences across the country, as three performers and erstwhile stage manager pass the mid-point of the marathan tour that sees them complete fifty shows before the end of June!

Coming to Sand Hutton Village Hall on Friday 13 June, 7.30pm.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see professional theatre on your doorstep! Tickets £9.50 adults, £5 under-16s from Caroline 468376 or Fiona 468001

Asparagus supper

Asparagus Supper, this Friday 23 May starting at 6:30pm.
Some places still available. As there will be a quiz during the evening you might like to do a bit of last minute googling to find some facts about Asparagus.
Bring your own drinks and don’t forget to dress green!

Telephone Fiona for information : 01904 468001

Asparagus Supper

Asparagus Supper – This Friday at Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Hall
23 May 2014 starting at 6:30.

Come along with your very own asparagus recipe and share supper with freinds and family. And why not support our very own local Asparagus growers, the Morritts, situated along the Stamford Bridge Road between Sand Hutton and Stamford Bridge.

There will be music and a short, light hearted ‘asparagus’ themed quiz between courses. All are very welcome to join us and if you’d like to come suitably dressed for the occasion, there will be a prize for the most imaginative costume.

Telephone Fiona to book your places – 01904 468001

Parish Council Agenda

The revised agendas for the Annual Parish Council meeting and Regular meeting are now available on the Parish Website (click on the link below) :


Village Maps

Stumbled upon a couple more interesting old maps of the villages which can be seen below:

note : you can click on the images to enlarge / print.

W.I Choir coming to town!

Please come and support your local W.I. Choir on its way to the Albert Hall (well, maybe – heats for the national competition “Sing For Joy” taking place in Harrogate this November). We’re performing at the W.I. in Sand Hutton Village Hall this Thursday 7.30pm; we’d love encouragement from an audience! All welcome.