December 14, 2018

Neighbourhood Watch

The following message received from the North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging Service and is a North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Message:

How many smoke alarms do you have?

Latest fire statistics reveal that one smoke alarm may not be enough to provide you with the best chance of escaping a fire in the home.

It’s clear that most people know a working smoke alarm can save lives by providing those vital few seconds needed to escape a house fire. But, despite the majority of homes (88%) having at least one working smoke alarm in their home, smoke alarms alerted householders to a fire in England in only a third of cases. The most common reason a smoke alarm failed to activate was because the fire was outside its range. It is also important to remember that smoke alarms don’t last forever. The power might work, but the mechanism deteriorates with time, so whether they are battery operated or wired to the mains, to work at their best they should be replaced every ten years.

For this reason, the Fire Kills campaign and North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service are encouraging people to think about the smoke alarms in their home and offer these top five smoke alarm top tips:

Install at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home.
The ideal position is on the ceiling, in the middle of a room or on a hallway or landing.
Consider fitting additional alarms in other rooms where there are electrical appliances and near sleeping areas
Don’t put alarms in or near kitchens and bathrooms where smoke or steam can set them off by accident.
Replace your smoke alarms every ten years.
We would also urge carers and people who keep a close eye on less able friends or relatives to check that these homes have enough smoke alarms in the right places too and that they are regularly tested.

NYFRS offer a free Home Fire Safety visit scheme and where appropriate may be able to supply and fit smoke alarms for free. For further fire safety advice or to book a visit go to or call 01609 788545