December 14, 2018

Neighbourhood Watch

The following message received from the North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging Service


Safer Ryedale in partnership with NHW

Following consultation with local people, Safer Ryedale are working in partnership to tackle dog fouling – one of the main complaints highlighted by the Ryedale Community!

Patrols will be stepped up in hotspot areas and £50 fines will be issued to irresponsible dog owners in a bid to reduce the amount of dog waste left on any designated land open to the air and to which the public have access.

The campaign aims to not only enforce the law, but to also change behaviour and encourage dog owners to bag and bin their dog’s waste in any litter bin in the area. Many town and parish councils have dog waste bins at key points in their area and some also have bag dispensers near the waste bins to make things really easy but dog mess once cleaned up can be placed in any general litter bin.

Anyone found to be committing an offence by not bagging their dog’s waste could be hit with an £50 fixed penalty notice.

Please report dog fouling offences to Ryedale District Council on Tel: 01653 600666 Ext: 208, or email information using the incident reporting form to:

Neighbourhood Watch

The following message received from the North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging Service

Police and Crime Commissioner to hold two-day Surgery tour of Scarborough and Ryedale

Residents from across Ryedale and Scarborough have the chance to raise concerns about crime and policing when the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan, holds public surgeries across the east of the county on a two-day tour.

The tour is part of a rolling programme of surgeries across the county, where residents can talk to Julia about her role, any policing or wider community safety issues.

Surgeries give anyone who lives or works in North Yorkshire the opportunity to discuss concerns about crime or policing in their area, give feedback on the way a complaint to the police has been handled or find out more about Julia’s role and activities.

Friday 1 August
10.00 – 11.00am PICKERING – Pickering Memorial Hall, Potter Hill, Pickering YO18 8AA and

1.30 – 3.30pm HELMSLEY – Helmsley Arts Centre, Old Meeting House Court, Helmsley, YO62 5DW

Claxton and Sand Hutton Heritage Group: WW1 commemoration 4th August, 11pm

Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary in 1914, is alleged to have said on the eve of outbreak of the First World War, 4th August 1914:

‘The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.’

One hundred years later, communities are remembering those tragic days and the millions who lost their lives.  One national event to mark the centenary is for people to participate in a ‘mass lights out ‘between 10pm and 11pm on the 4th August. Information on this is available on the Royal British Legion website:

Local event:

Claxton and Sand Hutton Heritage  Group inivite residents to meet at the Village War Memorial at 10pm on  Monday 4th August to remember particularly  the 14 men with local connections who fell in WW1,and the millions of others who did not come back home. Bring along a candle to be lit and extinguished in their memory. If you cannot attend, light your candle at home at 10pm.

Residents may have already noticed that fourteen pots of poppies have recently been put around the Memorial;  these were placed by pupils from Sand Hutton School before their summer break  in a moving event to remember the fallen, including  a former head of their school, David Joy.

Please join us on Monday 4th August at the Memorial, 10pm.

Philip Orton

Relaunch of local Slimming World Group

I am relaunching Slimming World group at the Stamford Bridge Junior School on Church Road. This will take place every Wednesday at 7pm.

I joined the group last year after struggling with my weight for years. I lost over 2 stones and am active, confident and much happier with my weight. I got to target this year and now wish to help the local community who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle and shift a few pounds. The great thing is you can eat lots and not go hungry. Going to group helped me share my success and the members were an inspirational me in the weeks when I struggled.

Feel free to come along on a Wednesday or call me on 01759 372509 if you need more information


Cat Found : Update

Good News : the  lost cat is now safely home with its owners in Haxby.

Fortunately it had a ID chip which the vet was able to read.

John Short

Cat Found

A stray cat was found in Claxton this afternoon (Saturday the 19th) in considerable distress. The RSPCA have taken it to a vet. The cat is of oriental origin, and despite its distress,  appeared in good condition.

If you’ve lost  a cat that fits this description please call the RSPCA on  01904 654949 (York office, open 11.00-15.30 Tuesday to Sunday) or 0300 1234 999 (national helpline)

John Short

Help us do a Spruce-Up!

Our Village website is now over three years old and increasingly in need of a bit of a dust-off – so we need your help, please!

It would be greatly appreciated if any of you could give the site pages a check through over the next week or so and let us know of any information which is outdated, incorrect or missing. Also any suggestions for the site would be most welcome. Simply email us at and we’ll make the changes.

Finally, if any of you have any nice pictures taken in or around the villages let us know via the Contribute form and we can put them in the site gallery when it relaunches.

Thank You.




Village Hall Committee Minutes

The minutes from the most recent meeting of the Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Hall Management Committee have now been added to the Village Hall pages on the website and can be viewed and printed from the link below

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 15.7.14: Supergrass

Oh dear, it’s 6.30 am and I’m up, reading how to identify grasses – lots of new words to learn, like lemma, spikelet, glume – and then you need to know whether the spikelet (a grass’s flower) is held on a panicle or a racheme, is the glume hairy, is it awned, and how long is the ligule? Go back to bed.

This new obsession I blame on fashion for meadows – they’re everywhere now, as councils realize they can cut back on cutting grass and justify it as being kind to wild-life. We’ve done it ourselves as part of having a “natural” garden and it does create some lovely effects: flowers growing in long-grass; inviting paths cut through long grass; and it turns out, if you leave grass uncut, it produces flowers that are really beautiful.

Most gardeners these days already know about using grasses in gardens. Had lunch at Scampston Hall last week, brilliant example of grassy planting, and came home with a lovely Stipa gigantea. Then, next day, up to the Arboretum where new meadows with paths are magical and what a glorious display of grasses! But realize I know almost nothing about them – don’t know their names (apart from Timothy which I learned when little as obviously it was named after my brother); are they “natives”, if so, how are they related to Piet Udolf’s plants? Grasses, as most plants do, have flowers but how do the flowers work?

So, holiday project for this week in Devon, when not eating cream tea, learn about grasses. First step, get book from library that tells me grasses have delightful names like Creeping Bent, Wood Melick, False Brome, Tufted Hairgrass, Crested Dogstail; next step, collect a handful of grasses collected on walk on heathland; now, which is which?

Parish Council

There is an extra-ordinary parish council planning meeting on Wednesday 23 July 2014, in the village hall, Sand Hutton at 7.30 p.m. An agenda will be uploaded shortly.