September 17, 2019

Help : Carrots !

Hello, I wonder if any gardening club member will help me with any tips on growing carrots next year, please? My gardening is confined to raised beds and I am at the wrong age to go through a learning curve of even as long as 2 years. I wish to grow a good crop of carrots next year, simple as that. And left to myself, know that next year I would learn what I should have done and be all ready for 2016 season. I formerly lived at Stamford Bridge for ~16 years and performed odds and sods activities for the local Benefice.


Ray Barry

01757 28 82 78 J


  1. I can tell you what not to do!
    Don’t sow seed and then try and transplant – I did it one year, with the result I had carrots that knitted themselves together, and when unravelled, they looked like a bunch of dancers doing the can-can – made themselves winners of Most Weird Veg in village show!

  2. Keith Freeman says:

    I grow my carrots in potato growing bags. As these are some 18″ high this prevents carrot root fly getting at them as they can’t fly more than a foot off the ground! I have successfully grown carrots this way for several years and don’t get any holes in them. you can only get about a maximum of 24 carrots in one bag but it’s worth it.

  3. Angela Steele says:

    I grow my carrots in square (45cm) tubs. I use compost mixed with sand (about half and half is best I’ve found). 3 rows in each tub. If you sow very thinly there’s no need to thin and I’ve had really good results every time – not a mark on them. ‘Sweet Candle’ variety has a very good flavour.

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