December 14, 2018

Down Memory Lane


Claxton & Sand Hutton Heritage Group . “Down Memory Lane”

Friday 3rd October 2014 at Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Hall – 7:30pm

Another popular evening with guests sharing their stories of life in the villages, childhood, school days, growing up, work and play! Guests include the son of the former resident policeman.

PLEASE NOTE: This event may have to be cancelled due to lack of bookings for seats. If you plan on coming do please ring Anne White on 468550. Seats – £3. Interval ice creams.

Parish Council Meeting – Monday 29th September

The next meeting of the Claxton and Sand Hutton Parish Council will be held on Monday, 29th September. The meeting will start at 7,30pm and will take place in the village hall at Sand Hutton.

All are welcome to attend to hear the discussion on current village issues, maintenance, planning applications, parish council finances and future plans. There will be a public forum section near the start of the meeting if any parishioners would like to ask a question or raise an issue.

The agenda can be viewed on the notice boards in the villages or under the Parish Council heading on this website. Included within the agenda is the Gravel Pit Farm AD plant application although at the moment, it is unclear when or if Ryedale District Council will make a decision on these plans.

Don’t Forget – Next Saturday!

Claxton and Sand Hutton’s

first Pop-Up Bakery!


Saturday 4th October

10.30 to 12.30 am

on Claxton Village Green

Artisan breads, loaf cakes and scones…

… baked by local people for local people.

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 17.9.2014: Dining under ginkgos

Thinking about ginkgo trees again – must be in September in Spain. Excitement yesterday; eating lunch in nice little square that I remember from last year because of the beautiful ginkgos, when suddenly I realized that one nearest to me had fruit on it. I’ve never seen the fruit before, only read that they smell appalling and that the name “ginkgo” is from “silver apricot” in Chinese where the trees originate.
Rush to Wikipedia to learn more about them – well, not immediately, have first to finish lunch, then have siesta and then more beer and tapas and then bed, so actually it’s only this morning when I can follow-up. I did smell a fallen fruit on way home and it wasn’t nice; Wikipedia says “rancid butter”, but it’s not so bad that people avoid the square – just as well because the nice restaurant has had to move there from a more expensive place.
I described the Ginkgo last year as a survivor, referring to its presence in fossils for 270 million years, but it also survives in the present – there are trees alive known to be more than 1500 years old, and amazingly, there are six that survived Hiroshima that are still growing healthily. Apparently ginkgo likes a “disturbed environment” but an atom bomb? That’s pushing it.
So indeed a hot Spanish town square is nothing to this living dinosaur, but I wonder why it doesn’t seem to like Yorkshire – the one at the Arboretum is struggling, maybe too tranquil there?


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Just added to the Community Noticeboard

Upright piano free to collect

Acoustic guitar with carrying case £20

Contact Rosy Miers 468481


Gravel Pit Farm Planning Application


There has been a lot of ongoing activity regarding this application and at the Ryedale Council Planning Meeting on Wednesday 27th August, a site visit was agreed, subject to confirmation that the application was a District matter and not a County matter.

The scheduled date for determination (decision) regarding this application was next Tuesday 23rd September, however the Parish Council understand that this application does not appear on the published agenda for next week’s meeting.

The Parish Council continue to monitor this application closely and have today visited 2 operational JFS Farm Anaerobic Digestion plants.

Neighbourhood Watch

The following message received from the North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging Service:

Preventing Violent Extremism – Increased Threat Level

Briefing Note from Safer Ryedale

All the key partners in the Prevent Network, (locally through the Ryedale Equalities Forum) are seeking to reassure communities and sites that may be feeling vulnerable due to this announcement. UK policing has been operating at SUBSTANTIAL: an attack is a strong possibility for several years, and while the threat level increase to SEVERE: an attack is highly likely is a step up, it is within the capability and capacity of business as usual.

It is worth noting that this is a threat to the UK as a whole; not to a specific community or geographic location.

Communities can expect to see an increase in high visibility police activity and communities and members of the public are encouraged to ask questions of patrol officers to promote open engagement. Patrolling is intended to make communities safe and protected.

We need community support in the effort to combat terrorism through reporting via the Anti- terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321. This should include the reporting of those who are planning to travel, or who have travelled, to theatres of conflict such as Syria or Iraq.

Below are five key messages summarised for you:

1) The threat level to the UK from international terrorism has been raised to SEVERE: an attack is highly likely.

2) This is related to the developments in Syria and Iraq where groups are planning an attack in the UK, not to specific communities.

3) UK policing has a variety of operational tactics that are regularly used to prepare and protect the public.

4) People can expect to see an increase in high visibility police activity around a variety of sites, sectors and communities.

5) Communities defeat terrorism. The public are urged to report suspicious activity. We are particularly concerned about those might be intending to, or who have returned from, fighting in Syria and Iraq.

If you have any questions relating to this information, please contact Safer Ryedale via the website.

Loafing on the Green – 4.10.14

Claxton and Sand Hutton’s

first Pop-Up Bakery!


Saturday 4th October

10.30 to 12.30 am

on Claxton Village Green

Artisan breads, loaf cakes and scones…

… baked by local people for local people.

Ryedale Book Festival

Forwarded message from Gill Moss Claxton:

Welcome to everyone who has expressed an interest in the Ryedale Book Festival, past or present. This year’s festival is looking very exciting and has a varied and wonderful programme. Which can now be viewed on our website:

The festival is getting ever closer and we would now like to be able to draw up a list of volunteers and match them to activities over the weekend. This is a great opportunity to joining a friendly group and meet other people in the community who enjoy a good book and help to make the festival the success that it has been in previous years.

We are looking for people who can spare some of their time on Saturday 11th and or Sunday 12th October, this may be for an hour or several hours. We will need help with:

Event hosts and support – for over 40 different events over the weekend.

- host would look after and introduce guests

- event support is someone to help the host take tickets on the door make sure the venue is tidy after the event.

Volunteers gain free entry to the event they are helping at

General festival support – in addition to the events at different venues we need people who can assist with

- Helping the public navigate their way around the festival
- Car park attending
- General fetching and carrying.

Volunteers who are not helping at an event but would like to attend an event please contact Sally (contact details below) so we can arrange a free or discounted ticket.

Publicity – distributing programmes

If you can’t attend an event but are still willing to help we need people to distribute programmes and posters throughout Yorkshire to spread the word if you are willing to do this where you live or work or within your social group please contact Sally (contact details below).

If you are interested in helping out at this exciting event, please get in touch Sally Dobson email please let us know when you are able to help and if there is a specific event you would like to volunteer at, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Thank you

Sally Dobson

Volunteer coordinator

Open Nights at FERA

FERA Sand Hutton are Organising a couple of Open Evenings in September / October to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

Tickets and Information at the following address/link

Official Press Release Here : Behind the scenes at Fera