December 14, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 20.11.2014: In Tune with Nature

Had three experiences recently when I’ve felt the urge to check on a plant to see whether it’s doing its stuff, and sure enough, in all three cases, it was. The most recent this morning; asked myself is the winter Iris flowering yet? went to have a look, and lo! there’s the first bud; last week, passing the winter honeysuckle as I do every time I go out the back door but usually ignoring it, this time for some reason I thought to look and see whether it was flowering yet – and yes, there was one flower; finally, about two weeks ago, I had a look where I know the earliest snowdrops grow – just wondering, and yes, you’ve guessed it, the tiniest little points were showing. Such coincidences prompt the pleasing thought that you can be in tune with nature so that subconsciously you know what’s afoot.

Speaking of being in tune, I was once asked what’s the link between gardening and music (I was trying at the time to find common ground for collaboration between horticultural therapy and music therapy) and I’d mumbled something vague about the need for music to be grounded. Musing further about this recently when digging in the compost heap, thinking how crucial is this marvellously-satisfying crumbly material for nourishing and supporting plants, and that what goes on in the ground is the basis of all life. Aha! A link! In musical harmony, you need the “ground bass”, the bottom line that roots the rest of the harmony. Can’t quite see what the musical equivalent is of turning potato peelings, coffee grounds, weeds, cardboard, chestnut skins, ashes from the fire into something useful, but I wanted to sing its praise anyway.

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