September 17, 2019

A64 to be dual carriageway?

in case not seen… link to Press article below



  1. Pete the traveller says:

    Yeah right!
    I see that this is not due to start for the next 6/7 years.
    Please excuse my scepticism but the plans to dual A64 as described go back at least 60 years and what do you think the nations finances will be like in the next 7 years?
    Even Ed Balls has said today that we will have to go on cutting public expenditure for years to come until the deficit has been eliminated. I seem to remember from my history lesson at school that Walpole was exercised by the National Debt but we’ve never eliminated it.
    Not withstanding how much £250m will actually be worth then and how present costs will have risen.
    I think global warming will be the real trigger when Scarborough really does become the Riviera of the north! ;-)

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