December 14, 2018

Petal confetti

Sand Hutton Gifts, (raising money for St. Mary’s Church), has some
mainly rose petals and freshly made this year, available for sale at £2 a litre.
ContactRosy Miers on 468481.

Saturday Social

Sand Hutton and Claxton Village Hall
Saturday 15 August: Summer Saturday Social 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
Hosted by the Parish Council, Saturday Socials are about all things local –information on activities of local groups, local products, and businesses; update on local issues.
• Freshly baked bread from the “Loafing on the Green” bakers
• Find out about Village Produce and Craft Show: schedules and entry forms will be available, and your questions answered about exhibiting
• Plant stall and sale of vegetables: if you have spare veg or plants, bring them along to sell
• Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England: the North Yorkshire group will be present to discuss our local concerns
• Community library open
• Jigsaw Swap
And not forgetting free tea (Yorkshire of course), coffee and homemade cake! Call in and catch up!

hens need new home

I have three laying hens that require a new home. If you are interested please contact Fiona on 468001

Village Show

Village Produce Show. After a break last year, the Sand Hutton, Claxton and District Annual Produce Show is now up and running again, thanks to a new team who will be this year hosting the event at Barton-le-Willows on Saturday 5 September at 2 pm. We hope to alternate the venue with a return to Sand Hutton in 2016. Further details of this year’s event will be circulated to all villages in the district, and will be available at the Saturday Social on 15 August.

Freestanding Stone Bird Bath

I have a freestanding stone ornamental bird bath welcome to a good home.

If anyone would like to come and have a look at it, please call Karen on 01904 468594 (Hall Drive).

Strawberry Teas – Tomorrow 4th July

The famous Strawberry Teas are being served tomorrow at Holderness House, Claxton from 2pm to 4.30pm.

As well as delicious strawberry themed baking there will be a table top sale, cake sale, raffle and a demonstration of various model trains. There is a great range of bedding plants for sale including some lovely hanging baskets.

Just come along any time between 2pm and 4.30pm and relax in the garden of Rachel and Graham.
All proceeds will go towards the St Mary’s Church Tower fund.

See you there!

Local history book

The Bossall Treasure

Here is a story to excite the minds of most people in the local area with an interest in its history.

The story of “The Bossall Treasure” dates from around 1300 following the aftermath of the Crusades. There are strong links to the Knights Templar leading to later connections with the Freemasons. Many characters, forgotten through the passage of time, but important during their day, are portrayed casting a new and sometimes shocking account of power, deceit, murder, ambition, political and religious differences and closely guarded family secrets.

The story trails John Pearson, steward to Sir Robert Belt in the early 1600’s, along with his family before him and those that followed, who were all in pursuit of the status they believed they had been unfairly denied, that of gentry. Amongst the many lives touched upon are those of Jaques de Molay the last Master of the Knights Templar, Elias Ashmole, a man with ambition who stopped at nothing.

Others include the Darley’s of Buttercrambe who became well known in the horse racing fraternity, the Read family of Sand Hutton Hall and the Bawtry family. Charles I also features not only with events concerning the Civil War but some rather less salubrious connections, as does Charles II.

Suitable for readers of most ages it provides an exiting opportunity to join other treasure hunters from the comfort of their armchair. Or they can visit the various locations in Sand Hutton, Bossall, York etc. and relive the history first hand. Either way no additional research is needed to find the treasure. All the clues to reach the solution of where the lost treasure is hidden or buried are contained in the book.
The book is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle e-book. Why not visit and have a look at us on