September 17, 2019

Claxton High Speed Broadband : here at last!

After a very long wait its seems Fibre-based High Speed Broadband has finally arrived in Claxton*. Some of you may have already received notification from BT. It is worth noting that you do not need to be a BT customer to get the service as BT are legally obliged to ‘unbundle’ their services to other providers. So – unless you are in a long term contract it is well worth shopping around as there are some good introductory offers.

I have ordered a service from PlusNet (who are part of BT now) and this will be installed in a couple of weeks. This gives a ‘guaranteed’ 80Mbps  (Megabits per second) download and 20Mbps upload – more than 15x what we were getting previously. It is costing a little more but should provide improved performance for streaming audio, video, games and TV. If you have a ‘Smart’ connected TV or use BBC iPlayer then it will almost certainly be worthwhile, with less buffering of video etc. The higher upload speeds should also make things like Skype and FaceTime better too for most people. And, for those like myself who work mainly from home it should make things faster and less frustrating all round.

It is also worth noting that the lower cost packages from most providers have a ‘usage cap’ which limits the amount you can download each month. Video, Skype and TV will consume quite a bit if used heavily so its best to speak to the provider to see which is the best package on offer depending on your likely usage.

I’d be interested to hear of the early experiences if anybody is already up and running – let us know in the comments section on the website together with any questions.

We’ll maybe try to get some video on the Village website – which could do with a bit of a revamp. Contributions most welcome.

* I’m not sure if Sand Hutton is ‘enabled’ yet – does anybody know?

Andrew Fawcett


  1. Not sure what it is to be enabled, but I think we’re not; we’re just very jealous!

  2. Ann Selby says:

    Thanks for sharing this information Andrew, however I only spoke to BT on Tues this week and was told it was not in my area and had to sign up for another package (discovered I was being charged for BT Sport which I do not have!) so I am stuck for another 12 months with the awful ‘dropping out’ and the slow speed of 1mbps for the time being. I will contact them again though and check if it is available.

  3. Pauline Stuchfield says:

    I called BT yesterday about Sand Hutton – they said ‘try again in a month’.

  4. David Black says:

    “* I’m not sure if Sand Hutton is ‘enabled’ yet – does anybody know?”

    You’re kidding Andrew …. We’re stuck on 0.3Mb at this end of the village (Yes, 0.3Mbps)
    My wife downloaded a one hour programme on iPlayer last week – it took 8 hours!!

    It’s pathetic. We would get higher speeds in rural areas of Bangladesh.

    At least with Claxton coming online there must be a faint glimmer of hope…

  5. David Black says:

    It’s important that everyone in Sand Hutton repeatedly complains to BT about the current situation – They need to know most of us are desperate for faster broadband.

    I keep calling the engineers to check all the lines – even they usually seem surprised how bad it is.

  6. J D says:

    We’ve signed up to BT’s “slower” fiber broadband and expect it to go active on or around the 15th of this month (October), if anybody has urgent work they need to do on-line, drop by with your laptops, tablets or smart phones and feel free to piggyback off our wifi.

    Once we are up and running the Wifi network will be called Claxton-Public and the password will be our house name.

    Please note: iPlayer, Youtube and other streaming services are not classed as “urgent”, make sure your batteries are charged and in case we are out, wear something warm. If you can’t “see” the Claxton-Public wifi network, assume it isn’t setup yet.

    Jen Davies

  7. Thanks Jen, thats very kind of you. It will be interesting to see how the new service performs. But don’t be surprised if you end up with half of Sand Hutton parked on your driveway!

  8. Anne Denison says:

    I don’t think there’s realistically any chance of getting High Speed Broadband until they lay a cable to our junction box.
    Our speed is pathetic; not even 1 Mgb! We’ve all but given up trying to watch anything in the internet and have to resort driving into town to upload using a friend’s excellent service!
    It’s frustrating to say the least…

  9. J D says:

    Claxton-Public is officially launched!
    Hmmm, maybe we should open an internet cafe, now there’s an idea.
    Please note: Claxton-Public will be turned off between the hours of 8pm – 7am unless otherwise arranged. For the moment while we are still on “regular” broadband, the maximum download speed is 7Mbps but our abysmal upload speed will still make sending large email attachments a slow process (but fast compared to Sand Hutton speeds).
    If you have any questions about accessing the Hotspot drop me an email 2ndjen at gmail dot com

  10. Chris pacitto says:

    I agree with David Black – it is very important that we all repeatedly complain to BT about our poor service. Recently my phone and broadband were off for two weeks whilst the distant call centres repeatedly made various excuses. I finally resorted to emailing Libby Barr and sir michael rake – head of customer service and the chairman respectively. I now have service but my broadband is very erratic (yes, even worse than the speed of 0.25 that we used to get!) and I will not let it rest until it is resolved.

    In conclusion, it is pointless to keep making complaints through the ordinary channels….we must take it to the most influential person we can reach within BT! For those who are interested and have dreadful service, the relevant email addresses are (these names and addresses are in the public domain …but, obviously, rarely actually get to the named individual…but do seem to get so reaction):

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