December 17, 2018

Village Hall Update & Minutes

A couple of notices

- There will not be a Burns Night Supper Event at the Village Hall this year. Hopefully with sufficient interest and support this popular event will return in January 2017
- Bill Heath has kindly donated a laser printer to the Village Hall. The printer is available to villagers for community user, such as the printing of  publicity flyers, or photographs of community events  for display in the Village Hall. Please contact the secretary, Philip Orton 468525 for additional information.

The full minutes of the Village Hall Committee meeting held on 18th January 2016 are now available from the Website at the link / address below :

Philip Orton

Green Finger Tips Gardening Club – February Meeting

Announcing the First Meeting of 2016

7.30pm on Thursday 4 February

Sand Hutton and Claxton Village Hall 

Speaker -  Dr Philip Orton ‘Deep Down and Dirty ……the story of soil’

Dr Orton until his retirement taught and researched at Askham Bryan College of Agriculture

One of the most important things to know about good gardening is to know about your soil. Your soil type determines what you can grow, how well your plants and trees can do and why some of them die.

Philip will give an entertaining talk with practical testing of your soil samples. Bring along  some DRY soil samples in separate containers and taken from different parts of your garden (dry the soil by leaving in your house or greenhouse for a few days). These will be tested to find what you need to do to grow your plants more successfully.

Please support your local Gardening Club by coming to this Event. Ask your friends and neighbours to come also. If they are not members, for just £10 they can join and enjoy all the Member benefits such as 10% discount at many local Garden Centres

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 7.1.2016: The Year Turns

There’s been much talk about the bewildering weather and the strange things happening in the garden (if it’s not under water) – not only early primroses and daffodils, but also flowers that seem to have forgotten it’s winter. Farmers should be thinking about growing rice as our staple food rather than potatoes.

I used to keep a list of everything in flower on the first day of each month but like many things I start, I haven’t kept it up, so I can’t really give personal evidence for climate change. But looking back through the garden diaries that I’ve been writing these last three years, what comes across is that I notice the same things every year, and that although there have been variations in flowering time, it is the cycle of the seasons – the changes in the garden as the earth turns – that is much more significant. Yes, it’s has been quite warm and herb robert is still in flower, but it is winter and so the trees are bare and the days are short, and I’m wanting to write again about winter-flowering iris, fairy primrose, witch hazel etc etc.

So, what’s new to write about? Oh yes, the effect of time itself and how the garden has aged (a thought prompted by a large round-numbered birthday round the corner for the gardener who’s more wrinkled, forgetful, weaker……). Flower-beds look a bit weary and past their best; annuals have had their day, while perennials are lying low in a mess of last year’s growth, and even for the trees, important precisely because they live so long, ageing is starting to be a problem; one lovely oak is now casting too much shade and his time might be up – hope that’s not true for the gardener.

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 17.12.2015: Let’s Propagate!

Not a chat-up line; it’s the title of a book I’ve been reading with time on my hands in Sydney. I also visited the nursery of friend Anne in the Blue Mountains (mentioned in earlier diary) to see how things are propagated there. And golly, there’s a lot to learn. Quite a step, having for more than 60 years been growing things from seed, and for 40 years from cuttings, to find I need to branch out (ho ho).

The reason for this sudden interest is the Blooming Villages project that’s just getting going in our blooming villages. (Haven’t heard about it yet? Well, you should have been to the Saturday Social last week!) The Village Hall needs funds to keep going, and one plan is to have a plant fair where we can sell plants and also have a merry time with related events, and as a result, earn lots of money. The plants will be grown by anyone in Claxton and Sand Hutton who would like to help, and already about 15 have volunteered, offering all sorts of different possibilities they’d like to grow – climbers, shrubs, lettuce, exotic indoor plants.

On a trip that I described recently, round two botanic gardens, we were lucky enough to be shown their propagating units; the new one at RBG Edinburgh was enormous and full of the latest technology – wonderful devices for misting, temperature control, encouraging good root growth etc etc, way out of the village league. But a smaller one, at lovely Howick Hall, showed me some new techniques that I thought I’d try. Unfortunately, my attempts to use bottom heat (no, not that) with cuttings have resulted in several fried twigs; it seems that the project is not only about growing new plants but also new skills.

Boxing Day Floods

Like many parts of Yorkshire, Claxton and Sand Hutton suffered from flooding on Boxing Day. Our thoughts are with anyone who had property damaged by the flood water.
The community rallied around so well on the 26th – neighbours helping neighbours, opening drain covers, clearing roadside grates, slowing down traffic. It was a great relief that the water subsided quickly but it is clear that the land around the villages is still completely saturated with rainwater.

Ryedale District Council have produced a leaflet with advice for householders which includes various contact numbers:-

If you are worried that floodwater is going to enter your property, remember that you can ring Ryedale District Council 01653 600666 and request advice, assistance and sand bags.
There is also help available for cleaning up after flooding and information about North Yorkshire County Council grants for householders affected by the floods and a flood survey.

Claxton and Sand Hutton Parish Council


The next Parish Council meeting is on Monday 11 January 2016. The agenda is available to download from the website!