December 14, 2018

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 6.3.2016: Sowing the seeds

I’ve been having a lot of fun choosing seeds of several sorts of so-called “interesting perennials”. Just as I’ve been experimenting with growing my fairy primroses under different conditions, now I want to experiment with different plants to find other ones that are sellable (it’s that Plant Fair again).

I’ve already learnt to resist temptation to buy everything from a seed catalogue (although the promise of the Plant Fair actually has opened the door again) so the first step was to develop some criteria for choosing a few that people might want to buy (and I want to play with).

An early finding from the experiment is that if you want to grow lots of seeds, your house will be taken over by seed-trays on south-facing window-sills already occupied by fairy primroses, and you’ll be putting pots in the airing cupboard and shoving out the sheets and duvets. Another finding emerging along with the seedlings is that while it’s easy to sow seeds, it’s going to be hard work to make decent plants of them. All those babies will need pricking out, potting on, watering, and then, where are all the pots going to go until it’s warm enough for them to go into the greenhouse (which is already full of cuttings)? Maybe I’m making a case for buying a larger, better equipped greenhouse……..

More lessons here from sowing seeds: if ideas are like seeds, and the project of the Plant Fair is about growing an idea, to be a success it’s going to need a lot of care and effort. But it’ll be worth it: when you’ve sown seeds, you check every day to see if anything’s happened, and then one day, yes! A tiny stem pushing up through the compost, the magic of life.


  1. that picture looks familiar, almost the same as our windowsills!

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