October 16, 2018

Don’t Miss The Bus!

The bus times, they are a changing. Not by a huge amount but just enough so that you might miss the bus next week. The 181 bus service operated by Stephensons runs from York to Malton via Claxton and Sand Hutton. This local service is not used enough but for those who use it, it is a real lifeline. The bus drivers are a friendly bunch and look after their passengers – even stopping for me when I am late rushing to the bus!

A leaflet with the new timetable can be found here

and the changes start from 10th April.

This bus service was recently under threat from North Yorkshire County Council budget cuts but is just hanging on after support in a public consultation and because this route also services Castle Howard. So give the bus a try and then we are more likely to retain this important rural service for our villages.