December 17, 2018

High Speed Broadband not happening for Sand Hutton!

After a long morning on the phone, my husband has been told by Plusnet (aka BT) that the green cabinet in the Main Street is not “fibre ready”, so this will not be available for the foreseeable future for Sand Hutton residents.
Claxton meanwhile have this facility, it’s just those running from the box (ie. Sand Hutton).
Has anybody else in Sand Hutton managed to get the service we were led to believe we could?
if so, could you let us know how and who you got it off? We are having a terrible loss in speed just recently and it is crippling our business…


  1. Peter Stott says:

    This is all rather strange . I went on the Plusnet website at the end of August and checked if High Speed / fibre was available as I had heard that one or two Sand Hutton residents had got it ( some with BT ?), The website said it was available and I signed up ( changing to them as a new customer ) .
    WE NOW HAVE in excess of 70mb/s FROM PLUSNET !! . The changeover on Sept.21st was reasonably smooth …….
    Earlier in the week I did an interview for local radio because of the issues – which was broadcast but no news/ developments since …..

  2. Amanda Steels says:

    We have it at number 30 (Buttercrambe Road) as do Alison & David at number 33 and Bev and Dave have it in the middle of the village. We are all BT customers. Not sure if anyone else has it. Our speed is between 45 & 55 download and around 4 upload. Alison and David got theirs in June I think but we had to inexplicably wait until September so there is hope! Amanda

  3. Robert Thornton says:

    Hi, Whoever told you that Anne doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Our next door neighbours have now had fibre for 2 weeks and achieving 36 to 41 mps via BT……

    It all depends IF you are on the Royal Mail Database – then the Openreach Database (RM their source data) – however what needs to happen is for BT to speak to Openreach to get your wires transferred from the copper connection to the fibre…. that’s the tricky bit ….. no one responds – I have tried umpteen times… no joy so far!!!

  4. Bev says:

    We are in Sand Hutton and got high speed broadband on 19th Sept but I know others who have been told they can’t have it yet.

  5. David Black says:

    Hi Anne

    You’ll be pleased to know that Plusnet may be able to organise a marathon.. but that’s about all!

    I live in Sand Hutton a long way from the legendary green box and I now have over 50Mb connection speed.
    It’s a whole new world.

    Call them and tell them to try again…

    David Black

  6. Anne Denison says:

    Many thanks for the responses!
    Unfortunately none of the people live on Upper Helmsley Road as far as l am aware, and this is where a village of two halves starts…
    Upper Helmsley Road is strung with aluminium wires not copper ( we have been told by an Openreach engineer), as the cheapest possible way BT can connect us to the phone system (good old cost cutting over the years!), which he said would never be able to support any speed of note because of its poor conductivity.
    All we need is some kind soul to dig a couple of inches into the ground for about 300 yards and we would be able to have a decent connection…but sadly there’s no money left in the pot for us.
    So much for the government promising to do its best to help the country have a decent service – so near and yet so far!
    IF anyone has managed the impossible down our neck of the village, PLEASE let me know how you did it!
    We live in hope …

  7. Neil Hamilton says:

    Hi Anne,

    I’m afraid that the current situation is one of administrative ineptitude rather than necessarily any technical limitation.

    While there are definitely distance limitations with the (already out-of-date) FTTC technology deployed by BT Openreach, the real problem is with the data held on the system used by all ISP’s (BT, Sky, Plusnet, etc).

    When you call to place an order for fibre, every ISP accesses the same source data via an application called DSLchecker. Confusingly, this system is maintained by another entity, BT Wholesale.

    The situation regarding the new cabinet in Sand Hutton (called Flaxton 3) is as follows:-

    1. It started accepting orders on 30th August (when I placed my order).

    2. For reasons unclear to anyone, this date initially changed to 15th November. Orders already already placed at this point then fell into two groups; some progressed to completion, others (mine included) were then rejected.

    3. Again, for no clear reason, the status of the cabinet changed again. It now has no “live” date at all. What this means is that anyone who has been trying to order a fibre service, from any ISP, is simply met with, “computer says no”.

    4. That is the current, up-to-date, situation and who knows when, or indeed if, it will change.

    So, those lucky enough to have had their orders fulfilled are in a small, privileged group. The rest of us are frozen out with no immediate prospect of being allowed to drag ourselves into the 21st century.

    Sorry for the long-winded reply but I thought it might be useful to document exactly where we are, or more precisely, are not.

  8. Martin says:

    Hi. I live on Upper Helmsley Road and have been suffering from a significant decline in broadband speed and stability over the past year.

    In mid Sept, I checked my BT account online and was delighted to see that the upgrade to BT Infinity was now available on my line. I decided not to buy it at that moment as I was due to be away for a couple of weeks on holiday.

    Bad move…..

    Upon my return in early October, I logged in again to book the upgrade but found it had become unavailable. I then checked the Openreach website, which informed me that the relevant cabinet was indeed fibre enabked.

    I therefore called BT. They told me that it was likely that there had been limited connection capacity installed at the box, and that these connections had been taken up quickly. They were able to confirm that the box serving my line was enabled but suggested that there were no fibre connections remaining until Openreach installed more. As Openreach is a separate company, they were not able to inform me when – or even if – this would happen.

    They commented that where uptake was good, extra capacity would usually be installed at some point. However, their only advice was to check back on the BT website regularly and try to get some info from Openreach as to the future plans for our exchange and cabinet. They also referred me to the Community Fibre Programme ( which provides both grants and joint community financing…

    Anyway, I have written to Openreach and should get a response within 10 days.

  9. Neil Hamilton says:

    The capacity excuse put forward by BT (and other ISP’s) is a total red herring.

    The new cabinet has 128 fibre ports available and there are less than 20 currently in place.

    It’s just a shambles.

  10. What is even more galling is that it would seem from the report below (published today) that BT may have quietly pocketed the underspend on the rural broadband programme:

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