December 14, 2018

Garden Diaries

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 6.01.17: 2017 is here

And June 11th is suddenly quite close – help! That’s the date of the Sand Hutton and Claxton Plant Fair, as I’m sure you will have etched in your brain as well as on your calendar. I’m hoping my plants know as well that it’s their big event coming up. Actually they’ve mostly gone to sleep, and don’t seem too bothered about getting ready; the perennials have disappeared completely, the Kerrias, jasmines and Philadelphus are just a set of sticks in pots, and it’s only the Hebes who are properly dressed and waiting to go.

All this started off in 2015, when the Village Hall committee wondered about having a plant fair to raise some money for the Hall, and since there’s a number of us who are keen on growing plants, the decision was made and a date fixed. 2017 seemed a long way off but we did know that to have decent plants ready to sell then, we had to get a move on, so the work began; cuttings were taken, seeds sown, plants divided and potted up.

It’s been a fascinating exercise for me in doing things that I’ve done all my life but on such a different level; so, OK, I take cuttings every year of a few favourite plants, and sow a couple of pots of seeds and I’ll get enough successes to have some new plants to keep the garden stocked – but now to aim for at least a hundred healthy interesting plants that are attractive to buyers at just the right moment………Well, they’re out there in their pots, so far, so good. The big issue at the moment is over-wintering; the temperature last night was -4°C, and I won’t know until spring who has survived.

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