May 24, 2019

Pot Holes

The Pot Holes at the bottom of Whinny Lane at the junction with A64 were becoming dangerously large and very deep and so I reported to NYCC via their online service.

Just thought you would be interested to know the outcome and time sequence which has restored my faith in not only the process but also that someone reads and ‘listens’ because the very next day the very large deep one was filled in! Hopefully it will lead to further upgrading of the road surface.

Road condition reported at WHINNY LANE CLAXTON.

Your request has been passed to a highways inspector for further investigation. We aim to inspect all reported issues within 5 working days. Once the inspection is completed we will update your case.

The reported defect has been inspected and has been added to a programme of works. The County Council prioritises the repair of defects based on the level of risk to road users. Consideration is given to the scale and location of the defect in determining this risk.

Well done NYCC I say!