June 25, 2019

Sand Hutton Lane

Dear All

I have lived / worked in Sand Hutton for over 40 years and never seen the lane from the A64 to the village in such poor condition.

The lane was never designed to take the volume of traffic or size of vehicles that now tackle it daily.
Large commercial vehicles and ever larger tractors / trailers don’t feel the need to slow for oncoming traffic – they just pull onto the verge, depositing most of it across the road. They have such large wheels they don’t even notice, or care.

The road is simply too narrow to cope with the size and quantity of modern vehicles now using it.
It urgently needs widening and re-surfacing before either there’s a nasty accident or we have to dig our way out.

In order to get any attention from the council, I’m urging all residents of Sand Hutton and Claxton to visit the Highways Agency website and complete a complaint form at https://www.ryedale.gov.uk/report-highways-fault.html
It’s easy and quick to do, but needs many of us to complain before they even take a look..

All support will be much appreciated.

Kind regards

David Black
Woodside Farm, Sand Hutton


  1. Chrissie Keller says:

    I agree with you David, the road to the A64 is a disgrace, and we all know why!
    Sadly not just that road, but right through the village, the roads and footpaths dangerous with rotting vegetation and mud
    I have contacted Ryedale District Council many times as I worry about my 90 year old Father slipping, they don’t even answer never mind do anything.
    However I have always found NYCC Highways to be most efficient at cleaning and clearing blocked gullies and mending potholes

  2. Francis Argile says:

    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree and support David Black’s concerns; the problem is similarly severe on Upper Helmsley Road, though the problem here is much exacerbated by roadside obstruction from careless ongoing residential vehicle parking causing traffic to run on the verge- indeed one section is so bad as creating a de facto ‘lay- by’! The level of damage is truly shocking and now becoming beyond frequent remedial repair, but would be significantly ameliorated by consideration, community spirit and self help. I would acknowledge the recent support of North Yorkshire C C Highways Dept, whose manager has been helpful in providing white marker posts, but the condition of the verge adjacent to the road is a disgraceful eyesore and it is so very sad to see our beautiful lane damaged in this way.
    Francis Argile
    Woodlands, Sand Hutton

  3. David Harris says:

    Again, I entirely agree. The road is disgusting, and we all know the reason. Certain commercial inerests have created a vast increase in the volume of large vehicles (especially huge tractors) churning up the verges. Perhaps they might like to give some of their profits to the maintenance of the road, or impose a restriction on the route that these vehicles take to their business.

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