May 17, 2022

About the Website

This website has been developed for the parish of Claxton and Sand Hutton with the voluntary support of local residents.

It is now in its second iteration – the original having been kindly supported by Ryedale District Council.

The objectives of the site are to foster community spirit and action by informing, engaging and empowering the residents of the villages.

  • to provide a useful information resource for residents of the Parish as well as visitors to the local area.
  • to serve as a ‘Digital Notice Board’ for news and updates about whats going on in and around the villages
  • To provide updates and information from the Parish Council as well as various local clubs, societies and organisations.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to add your own information and pictures with minimal fuss.

At present the site is not intended to carry advertising – though we may revisit this in the future if there is a demand – some time ago the parish plan expressed a wish to for a list of local businesses and suppliers to be made available.

The site editorial policy can be seen here

With your support the team aims to grow and develop this site in response to the wishes of the local residents. Your input, comments and suggestions are vital. We moderate all content which is placed on the site and would like further support in doing this. At present our aim is to update the information at least twice-weekly.

To contact the web team please send us an email via Do not use this address to submit content for inclusion on the site, use This Form instead.


the website team

September 2011