June 24, 2019

Gifts for Christmas


“Gifts for Christmas” is an annual event, always held on the first Saturday in November, in the village hall at Sand Hutton.

The “Autumn Fayre“ as it was first known, began about 1989, and  was started  by Margaret Silver and then held at Claxton, in what was Poppy’s tea rooms.

Over the years it has become a chief fundraiser for St. Mary’s Church, Sand Hutton, and has a loyal following of customers who arrive to buy their Christmas presents at the variety of stalls. 

Stalls change each year with the emphasis on quality goods at reasonable prices.  As a way of helping raise more money, “Sand Hutton Gifts” has been formed, and a group of villagers make anything and everything, which is sold on the “Sand Hutton Gifts “ stalls.

Lots of villagers help on the day and it’s a real community event on the calendar.

For further information contact Rosy Miers 01904 468481.