June 24, 2019

AGM Minutes & Reports


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee Monday 18 April 2011 

Mr Pete Tidball (Chairman) PT
Mr David Brewer (Deputy Chairman) DB
Prof Colin Garner (Treasurer) CG
Mrs June Garner (Secretary) JG
Mrs Anne White AW
Mrs Linda Spaven (Bookings Secretary) LS
Mrs Fiona Davies FD
Mr Geoff Walker GW
Mr John Short JS

Dr Caroline Hall CH
Mr Mike Rickleton MR
Mrs Helen Lyall HL


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending. 

Minutes from the last AGM held on 12 April 2010 

These were read from the Minute Book and there were no matters arising with the exception of further work to the heating system to be completed.  The minutes were signed off by the Chairman as a true and accurate record. 

It was noted that Mr Kerridge (who has a long association with the Village Hall Committee) was in hospital – PT to send a suitable get well card. 

Chairman’s Report 

1)    Management activities
a)    We needed to open up the deliberations of the committee so that all that were really interested in the VH position and plans could see, understand and hopefully contribute positively to its support of the community and its survival.
b)    Strategy – thanks to CG, DB, JG and particularly JS who crystallised our ramblings!
c)    We ran through the strategy doc that JS has prepared at the last meeting where all agreed subject to a few minor changes/amendments, so we can now formally receive the strategy doc for the attention of the next committee.
i)     Copies available end of meeting, printed, PDF via email (on website shortly)
ii)    Hopefully converted into a bizz plan soon – an agenda item for the next meeting, also available in due course for all to see.
iii)   Means we know where we are and what we’re doing and ensure we satisfy the requirements of the community and the Charity Commission.
d)    Documentation and procedure
i)     Re-written hiring agreement, again!
ii)    Financial forms for receipts and expenses
iii)   User manual
iv)   Maintenance sheet

2)    Events
a)    The full figures are included in the Strategy doc but here are a few comments:
i)     Overall we have about 9 regular organisations that use the Hall and they have hired over 80 times this year!
ii)    I’m very pleased to say that we haven’t lost one of our regular hirers this last year, which includes SJ’s nursery who are suffering from the cuts!  Heading up the rankings with 158 hirings!
iii)   Toddlers has become a regular success story to with 28 followed closely by Bowls with 27
iv)   The total number of bookings is over 300 which makes it around 6 per week.  This is a great effort by our regulars in particular and I’d like to thank them very much.
v)    The Events Group have done their bit in organising the seeding events and helping those that have put on one off events, like Folk evening and Xmas party, thank you.
vi)   In particular I want to thank Linda for organising the bookings for yet another (the last) year.

3)    VH improvements
a)    Open evening was a success with over 40 people attending and fun was had by all.  This was followed by committee deliberations and the list was divided up into:
b)    An action plan of:
i)     No brainers
ii)    Medium term projects
iii)   Longer term
(1)  Includes magnificent design by John!
iv)   No fewer than 13 of the original 26 items have been delivered and 2 more related to the upgrading of the shed should be completed this week.  A fantastic effort and once again I’d like to thank all who have given up their time and put in their effort to make it all possible.
c)    Particular achievements
i)     Audit and clearing of the shed, AW, VT
ii)    Kitchen audit and purchase of new cooker and microwave immediately!  AW, VT
iii)   Kitchen redesign and refurbishment – thanks to AW, JG, MR
(1)  And finally a very suitable use for Barbara Leeming’s legacy!
iv)   Electrical work, including more sockets all round the hall and security lighting for the rear entrance
d)    Maintenance
i)     Most importantly, assisted by the strategy deliberations, we have for many years needed somebody to generally look after the hall’s maintenance and this year Mike Rickleton has ‘volunteered’ to carry out this important role
ii)    Mike has made a cracking start in a very practical way as well as organising things, many thanks to him too.
(2)  There were no less than 13 main headings of items to do and to date getting on for ½ have either been completed or in process – thanks to Mike and helpers for all this
e)    VH cleaning, after more years than anyone can remember Linda has finally stopped cleaning the hall, we cannot thank her enough for all the year’s she has served the VH, including the bookings secretary!  We have hired a cleaning company for a trial period.

4)    The future
a)    We have a plan!
i)     We do need to make sure there are people to carry it out!!

Thank you 

 It was agreed that the strategy document would be an agenda item at the next regular meeting. 

AW, HL, JG, MR were thanked for their help with the refurbishment of the new kitchen.  A plaque to be organised in recognition of the contribution from Barbara Leeming’s legacy.  A letter, expressing gratitude, to be sent to Dot Mills and Tracy Calpin.

 Treasurer’s Report 

During my year of office, together with June Garner, changes have been introduced into the Village Hall accounting systems as follows; 

  • It is now possible to conduct an audit trail of both income and expenditure
  • The village hall accounts can now be accessed via the internet (internet banking)
  • Electronic payment and receipt systems have been introduced
  • A number of procedural forms have been introduced including expense claims, income receipts, hall booking forms etc


SJ’s Nursery now have to complete time sheets to provide a record of their use of the Hall.  During the year expenditure on a number of building items has taken place including changing all the locks on the Hall to include a key system where keys can only be copied with authorisation, window locks have been fitted and a deadlock on the front door fitted to prevent unauthorised access when the Nursery is operating.  The kitchen has been completely renewed (see later) and number of maintenance projects have been carried out including a substantial amount of electrical work and boiler maintenance.  A starter pack has been prepared for new hirers of the Hall with information relating to the use of the Hall and the location of essential items.


A new charity deposit account has been set up with Scottish Widows who pay a better rate of interest (but still very low) compared to the previous charity account with CCLA (1.5% v 0.5%).


June Garner and I purchased and planted up a planter for the front of the Hall, the costs of which are being funded by the Film Evenings we have run.




The accounts have been prepared and are presented at this meeting.  The accounting method used is cash accounting where all income and expenditure is posted as it is received or incurred.  Capital expenditure is written off as it is paid.




The total receipts for 2010/2011 were £7045.94 which is a 20% reduction compared to the previous year.  The Hall’s major source of income is through rental.  In the last financial year, Hall rental income was £5648.00 a  3% reduction on the previous year.  Income was divided as follows;


Hall rental (clubs)                                £629.00

Hall rental (commercial)                     £76.00

Hall rental (private)                             £4943.00  

The private rental income was primarily payments made by SJ’s Nursery.  The two Hall organised main events that yielded a profit last year were the Christmas Party and the Village Show (£184.11 and £538.37 net respectively). 




The two major items of expenditure in the financial year 2010/2011 were the kitchen renewal and maintenance etc.  It was agreed that the kitchen renewal should be paid from the legacy money provided by Barbara Leeming and a plaque will be purchased to acknowledge how the kitchen renewal funding was obtained.


In the table below is shown the expenditure on the kitchen renewal to date.


Item Amount
Microwave/cooker 564.94
Kitchen sundries 112.86
Plumbing – new kitchen boiler+support 1060.96
Kitchen worktops 249.48
Kitchen plumbing works 1050.72
Kitchen sink etc 278.78
TOTAL 3317.74


The Hall is an old building and as such requires considerable maintenance to its fabric, heating and electrical systems etc.  In the last financial year substantial electrical work was carried out (£1032.00) with together boiler maintenance (£408.43) and cleaning services.  Compared to the previous year, this represents a 424% increase.  Energy and utility costs for the year totalled £1884.86.


The Hall Committee agreed that items for Hall users should be purchased in the coming years and it was agreed to contribute towards the purchase of an electronic piano for £450.




The Hall rental charges have not been increased since 2004/2005 despite the large increase in costs.  Excluding the kitchen renewal costs, the Hall expended £6471.65 and had an income of £6914.94 ie a net loss of £443.29.  The Hall committee have agreed that this financial position is unsustainable and wish to propose at the AGM that the Hall rental charges be increased to £7 per hour for private and village club users and £12 per hour for commercial hirers.  Had these increases been in place for the current financial year, additional income of approximately £1000 would have been received meaning a loss would have been converted to a small profit.


It has been agreed that the Hall should always keep £6,000 in reserve and that it should aim to be substantially more profitable than was achieved in the current year.  This will only be achieved by greater use of the Hall and specific fund raising events.  The Hall is currently used for around 1000 hours per annum ie around 25% of the annual available hour.

I have tendered my resignation as Treasurer for both health and professional reasons.  I have agreed to continue until a new person can be found to take over the Treasurer position.

A vote was taken on the proposed increase in hire charges and there was unanimous agreement that this should be implemented on 1 May 2011.  The Secretary to write a letter to this effect and these will be issued to all relevant hirers by the Chairman.

JS questioned why the receipt figure in the asset statement and the income receipts differed.  CG responded that the Village Hall financials were a snap-shot in time and that there may therefore be discrepancies between for example the bank statement figures (issued monthly) and the actual income receipt figures.  Any yearend figures would be adjusted particularly as the window between the end of the financial year of April 5 was too close to the date of the AGM to allow full income and receipt recognition.  However, the AGM is fixed for April as stated in the Constitution.

Note: since the AGM, the yearend figures have been adjusted and passed to the new Treasurer (DE).

 Retirement and Election of Officers

David Edwards was co-opted onto the Committee.

All officers stood down at this point and the election of officers commenced.  Professor Garner had submitted his resignation to the Chairman previously due to health reasons and his consultancy business and was thanked for his work during the past year.


Mrs June Garner has also written to the Chairman with her resignation but is willing to perform the secretarial duties until a replacement is found.


Mrs Linda Spaven indicated at the last AGM that she wished to resign from the role of Bookings Secretary but wishes to remain on the Committee.  She was thanked for all the hard work and dedication she has given to the Committee during many years of service.


Mrs Helen Lyall has also given her resignation to the Chairman and a Vote of Thanks was given to Helen in her absence.  She too has worked for the Committee for many years and her work is greatly appreciated by all.


The following are details of the election of officers to the Village Hall Management Committee.

Chairman: Pete Tidball: proposed by DB, seconded by GW
Deputy Chairman: David Brewer: proposed by PT, seconded by GW
Treasurer: David Edwards: proposed by PT, seconded by GW
Secretary: no volunteers, JG to continue in the interim
Bookings Secretary:         Anne White: proposed by LS, seconded by JS
Bookings Secretary Assistant: Fiona Davies: proposed by PT, seconded by LS


 PT listed the major and medium projects and the progress made during the last 12 months. 

Big project
1.    Front entrance to hall

Medium projects

1)      Kitchen improvements
a)      Cooker
b)      Microwave
c)       Water heating
d)      Storage
e)      Fridge/freezer

 2)      Main hall facilities/equipment
a)      Piano
b)      Stage
i)        Lighting
c)       Games equipment
d)      AV equipment

3)      Outside
a)      Improve rear access
i)        Covered walkway
ii)       Clear safe path
iii)     Lighting
iv)     Fire exit considerations
v)      Disability considerations
vi)     Wheelchair and buggy considerations
b)      Storage shed
i)        Audit and removal of unwanted items
ii)       Easier and lit access
iii)     More security
iv)     Insulation and frost proofing
(1)    Move upholstered chairs from Hall

No brainers

1)      Clearer sign to hall from all directions
a)      Moving to other side
2)      Lighting
3)      Heating
4)      Reclaim Committee room
5)      General maintenance and cleaning

AW stated that the Meeting Room improvements are still ongoing.
PT suggested that if the stage and lighting, which would be an asset to the Village Hall, were approved, they should be purchased by fund raising to cover costs.

 Any other business
AW requested that more help is needed for the refurbishment of the shed and PT/DB to purchase a dehumidifier.  An electrician may be required for the refurbishment.
AW to contact the gardener to perform the routine gardening tasks for the Village Hall grounds.

 Date of next regular Meeting:  AW suggested that an additional meeting is required to include the large amount of ongoing items and to reduce the hours of the regular meetings.  This was agreed and the date booked is Tuesday 17th May at 7.30pm.  It would be helpful if the Chairman is informed of people’s availability for this meeting as some people indicated that they would not be able to attend.
Items outside the scope of the AGM were discussed out with the meeting.

Signed by:    ………………………………..   Date:………………………………