June 26, 2019

January 24th 2011

Committee Meeting Minutes Monday 24 January 2011

Mr Pete Tidball (Chairman) PT
Prof Colin Garner (Treasurer) CG
Mrs June Garner (Secretary) JG
Mrs Anne White AW
Mrs Helen Lyall HL
Dr Caroline Hall CH
Mr Geoff Walker GW
Mrs Linda Spaven (Bookings Secretary) LS
Mrs Fiona Davies FD
Mr Mike Rickleton MR
Ms Sue Bristow (SJ’s Nursery) SB
Ms Jayne Johnson (SJ’s Nursery) 

Mr David Brewer
Mr John Short

Pete Tidball welcomed Mike Rickleton to the Committee and thanked him for his offer of helping with the maintenance of the Village Hall. 

Minutes from the previous meeting held on 25 October 2010:
Approved with no comments. 

Matters Arising
These have been included with agenda items (see below). 

Health and Safety:
Following the recent inclement weather it was felt that everything possible had been done to enable users to access the Hall safely without slipping or cars skidding.  The Parish Council are preparing a Community Resilience Plan which should advise if further action is required.
Fumes were emitted in the Hall whilst in use which was due to the malfunction of the boiler.  This has now been repaired.  The frost stats are to be placed in each room; thermostat to be changed to digital; site plan required; timer to be eliminated.
Manual needed on obtaining hot water to clarify the use of the switch.
Action: PT to organise with the electrician (invoice is on hold at present). 

SJ’s Nursery
The 3 yearly OFSTED inspection is imminent and access was again considered a security issue despite changing the locks on the front door and controlling the issue of the front door keys eg people returning pots etc whilst the nursery is using the hall.  The nursery staff agreed to place their hours of opening on the front door and that no access is allowed during this time.  If maintenance personnel require access, this is at the discretion of the nursery when identity is confirmed. Once this notice is completed, all key holders will be informed of this arrangement of restricted access.  Action: JG 

The nursery staff then left the meeting and will not attend future meetings as it is a conflict of interest to discuss the finance details of the Village Hall in their presence – they are quite happy with this change of procedure.  However, regular contact will be made with them to ensure the smooth running of the nursery and the support required from the Village Hall Committee. 

Finance Report:
CG discussed the details of the report but felt concerned at the increasing outgoings especially the cost of fuel. 
Audit of 2010 books is ongoing at Mollans and Co Ltd at a nominal cost.  Internet banking is now setup.
Charges for the hire of the Hall to be discussed at the March meeting. Profit sharing for the nursery charges was discussed and is to be finalised. It was suggested that at the end of the nursery year a meeting would be held with the nursery to review their annual figures.  The Village Hall would request a percentage of their profits towards running costs and a figure of 20% was suggested.  Action PT/CG

PT had discussed with Ryedale District Council Communities Officer that grants up to 25K were still available 

This document is out of date by many years but expertise is required due to essential compliance with the Charities Commission legalities.  PT informed that JS would speak to a colleague who was a Charities Commission commissioner.  Action: JS 

List of key holders is held by the secretary.  “Mug shots” to be sent to CG – these will be placed on the notice board for Hall users information. Action: all Committee Members/CG 

New users of the Hall need information on the running of the Hall including security/safety etc.  Action: JG to issue the draft document currently prepared which requires completion and issue. 

Concern was raised of the cost of “Beautiful Homes” – it was decided to continue as planned – initial “big” clean followed by 2.5 hours weekly for 3 months.  The Village Hall is a building used by the public who expect it to be clean for use.  LS is leaving the Committee in April and has performed the cleaning in the past.  Action:  LS to manage the cleaners when this starts (we are currently on the waiting list). 

Hall: MR/PT are in the process of preparing action items for the maintenance of the Village Hall and actions will be prioritised eg rising damp in the corridor.  John Goodrick will supply at cost the insulation required for the shed which can then be used for storage without the contents becoming damp.  AW is purchasing a shelving system for the shed which will then be used for the storage of items from the kitchen, therefore making more room for the refurbishment of the kitchen.

Kitchen: AW/HL to review the kitchen upgrade with MR and prioritise the action items eg more work surfaces required, kitchen window will not open and condensation is a problem when food is being served.  AW to purchase more pots/bowls/plates – there is a shortage when large events occur.

Small Committee Room: carpet has been cleaned but more work needed to make it a selling point when the Village Hall is hired.

Action PT to supply MR with his second key. 

Village Christmas Party:
Despite the numbers attending being lower, the party was successful and enjoyed by all.
However, it was decided to change the arrangement this year and the Bad Apple Theatre Company is to be booked for a performance. Action: CH to book for a suitable date (not too close to Xmas). 

Vacancy for Committee Members:
All to try to recruit personally if possible.  CG to prepare document advertising for volunteers for PT to use for Parish Website and also Bill Heath’s email.  Action: CG/PT 

Mums and Toddlers
A request for the use of the nursery gate has been received but SJ’s wish to continue to lock their gate in their shed.  A new gate is to be made.  JG has informed Laura Edwards of this decision. Action: MR/PT 

The Village Hall Strategy and Plan Document was issued and this is to be reviewed by all (comments to PT/DB/JS/CG).  This will be thoroughly discussed at the March Meeting together with financial details with the aim of finalising at the AGM (April).  It will then be issued to all Claxton and Sand Hutton residents.

The AGM will be followed by wine and cheese to meet with the residents and encourage more to attend. 

Date of next Meeting:        Monday 14 March 2011 at 7.30pm 

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