June 24, 2019

October 25th 2010


Committee Meeting Minutes Monday 25 October 2010 


Mr Pete Tidball (Chairman) PT
Mr David Brewer (Deputy Chairman) DB
Prof Colin Garner (Treasurer) CG
Mrs June Garner (Secretary) JG
Mrs Viv Tidball VT
Mr John Short JS
Mrs Anne White AW
Mrs Helen Lyall
Ms Sue Bristow (SJs Nursery) SB


Dr Caroline Hall
Mrs Linda Spaven
Mrs Fiona Davies 

Minutes from the previous meeting held on 23 August 2010:

Approved with no comments. 

Matters Arising and Carried Over from previous meetings:

These have been included with agenda items (see below). 

Finance Report:

This has been issued to all members and was discussed.  Kitchen refurbishment agreed – see later.
The use of the following forms was clarified and these are to be used in future.
a) Expenses Claim Form (together with receipts) for those requiring reimbursement.
b) Income Receipt Form for all monies collected for the Hire of the Hall etc. 

Internet Banking to be organised and the change to Scottish Widows to be checked. Action: CG 

Finance Working Party:

Objectives were discussed following the meeting held in October with PT, DB, JS, CG.  DB to prepare a Business Plan and JS a Marketing Plan linking to the P and L accounts.  They would meet further to review these documents.  The comments from the Open Evening were used throughout the meeting to fulfil the village peoples’ wishes wherever possible. 
There was a unanimous vote that £6K should always be held in reserve and ring fenced. £4.5K should be fund raised.
It was considered advisable to meet with other Village Hall Committees to share experiences but prior to that a meeting is to be arranged with an Officer from Ryedale DC who could advise on these issues and guide us through the legislation. Action: PT to contact Ryedale DC.

Financial Audit for 2009-2010 has been kindly agreed to be performed by Sarah Sykes – Accountant from Sand Hutton.  Action: CG to organise. 


List of key holders to be passed to the Secretary and £10 deposit collected and passed to the Treasurer for banking.  Action:  LS

SJ’s nursery to be invoiced (they have requested this repeatedly) Action: CG 

Window locks had also been fitted but Hirers would need to know how to open and lock the windows.

Action:  PT to pursue.  

Maintenance and Cleaning:

a) It was agreed that “Beautiful Homes” would be employed initially for 3 months to initially do a “big” clean £72 (6hours) followed by 2.5 hours weekly (£30).  Action:  PT to liaise with LS who will manage the cleaning and Beautiful Homes to invoice monthly and payment to be made by BACS  To be initiated as soon as possible.  This should be performed on Mondays when the Hall is not in use. 

b) Harry Vickers (Handyman) has agreed to review and itemise all outstanding items to be repaired/maintained etc on a formal contract and be retained: 1 hour to examine the Hall and up to 2 hours rectify.  List for users to  complete (on Notice Board) when faults observed.  Dehumidifier to be installed in the shed.

(Please see Kitchen Audit for kitchen items to be maintained). 

c) PAT Test is still required on kitchen appliances by the electrician for H&S legislation. 

Dates of 2011 Meetings:

All meeting dates are on Monday evenings at 7.30 pm

24 January, 14 March, 15 April (AGM), 15 August (Village Show planning), 17 October. 

Village Christmas Party:

Date has now been changed to Saturday 18 December.
Format will generally be as previous year but the Events Group will finalise the Order of Events.  The following help and organisation is required at present (other may be needed):
Purchase of mince pies, crackers etc.  Action: PT using Booker card
Setting up stage, table and chairs.  Action: DB, AW
Insurance for the use of the school stage. Action: CG
Collection of entry fee. Action: PT to confirm with GW 

Entry fee to be increased by a small amount to £6.

Kitchen Audit:

VT and AW were thanked for performing this large reorganisation of the kitchen (unfortunately this is already not being adhered to by the Hall users).  CG informed that £2500 is available for the refurbishment and reorganisation of the kitchen. DB has kindly donated a dishwasher.
Action:  AW to purchase as much as possible from the list of “things to do” and liaise with DB and the Handyman to get these actioned.
DB to organise larger planning process with the Handyman and report back in January.
Cleaners to change paper towels, soap dispensers etc Action: PT to organise with LS.
It was agreed to purchase the boiler (Little Butler 2000) and install it during the kitchen refurbishment.  Action: DB to purchase prior to the increase in VAT on 1 January.  

Parish Website;

Martin Weldon to work with PT to use the Parish website for Village Hall activities – this is together with Bill Heath’s email system also.  All events must correlate with each other to prevent confusion.  Parish website will need to be proactive in the future to alert people of e.g. future events as well as giving details of past events, notices etc. Action: PT 

Vacancy for Committee Members:

Both Helen Lyall and David Brewer have indicated that they are retiring from the Committee at the AGM so at this time, there will be their loss, VT’s resignation and LS retiring.  Time is diminishing to organise replacements.  The need for many new members is required and to be organised.  The Constitution needs to be complied with (JG/CG have since reviewed this) and the Clubs need to be asked for persons to be on the Committee. 

The role of Bookings Secretary is to be changed:

  • It was suggested that this should be performed by a Committee Member on a monthly basis using a dedicated mobile phone and the Hall Diary.
  • PT is looking into the possibility of having an online VH booking calendar on the website.
  • Once the booking is confirmed then the Treasurer is informed in writing using a dedicated form from which an invoice is raised.  It will be the Treasurer’s responsibility to ensure that all hiring charges are paid.
  • In addition, the Bookings Secretary will be responsible for ensuring that the Hiring Agreement is completed and signed and passed to the Treasurer (this will be collated by the Secretary).  Green Fingers Gardening Club does not wish to sign this Agreement and this matter is to be resolved.
  • The Standard Conditions of Hire are also to be issued to the Hirer and complied with.
  • The issue of a key and a “Users Information Pack” on the use of the Hall will be needed by the Hirer (Instructions have been prepared by JG and require finalising by CH). 

This is to be discussed fully at the January meeting and once details are finalised, then it is to be implemented and monitored.  Sherriff Hutton use this system at present and should be contacted for advice. 

Open Evening:

Findings have been categorised – to be finalised and placed on the Parish Website.  Action:  PT 

Mums and Toddlers

Working well and nothing further to report. 

SJ’s Nursery

New timesheets were working well for the Nursery and made invoicing clearer.  Action: PT/CG to finalise the new finance system depending on children numbers and present this to SJ’s. 

Village Show

A profit was made this year but attendance was lower than previous year.  A debrief session is required by CH and suggestions should be requested via the Parish Website. 


A Vote of Thanks was given to VT as this was her last Committee Meeting.  Viv has worked tirelessly for the Committee for many years and also as Secretary for the past 14 years.  She has given loyalty, commitment and hard work for which the Committee is very grateful. 

Date of next Meeting:        Monday 24 January 2011  7.30pm