August 25, 2019

High Speed Broadband



26 January 2013

Prepared by: Colin Garner, Chairman

Not so much high speed as slow speed is how one might describe the progress of trying to bring high speed broadband to our area. It is now over 14 months since the well-attended initial meeting in the Village Hall where the North Yorkshire initiative, funded by the Government to bring high speed broadband to rural communities, was first described. At that time, we were told that monies for this initiative were available and needed to be spent by the end of March 2012.

Here we are in January 2013 without high speed broadband being made available to our villages, without knowing how high speed broadband will be brought to our villages, by whom, by when and how much it will cost.

I took over the Chairmanship of our local committee from Andrew Fawcett in October of last year inthe hope and expectation that I would be now able to provide you with positive information together with a timetable but unfortunately I cannot. A meeting was held in October of last year at Thixendale Village Hall which Simon Littlejohn and myself attended together with the chair of the Wolds High Speed Broadband Steering Group. The meeting was chaired by John Moore who had recently been appointed Chief Executive of NyNet together with Ian Marr, Community Project Manager.

At this meeting it was explained that it would be advantageous if the Wolds area and ourselves amalgamated to provide a more attractive market to any Internet Service Provider (ISP). The grouping has now been further expanded to include North East Selby.

The current position is that BT were awarded a contract to bring high speed broadband using fibre to 90% of homes and businesses in North Yorkshire in July 2012. This objective has to be achieved by the end of 2014. The investment sum to achieve this goal is in the region of £70 million.

At the Thixendale meeting a map was produced highlighting the areas that the BT contract was likely to cover. Our area was not one of those included!

 As a result NyNet are left to seek high speed broadband for our areas from other sources. To this end a tender document is being prepared by NyNET which I have been assured will be ready by the end of January to be sent to around a dozen ISPs asking for them to bid to provide high speed broadband. A nine-week timetable is proposed for the bidding process. Some 5-6 weeks into the bidding process, local champions such as your local committee, will be asked to meet with those ISPs who are interested in bidding so that we can have input into the selection process. It is aimed that the successful ISP will be announced in April 2013. Part of the selection process will be to establish which ISP has the best roll-out plan and timetable, technical support, price competitiveness and security of supply. In addition how the service will be delivered will be critical.

If any readers of this update want more information or wish to provide input regarding the ISP selection process please contact me at