December 11, 2018

plastic planters

Help – Has anyone got any large plastic planters that I could borrow. Owing to ongoing building work and resulting garden works I need a temporary home for roses, fruit trees and shrubs etc whilst the rear garden is levelled. Unfortunately the scale of the work means they may all need to be removed and I hate the thought of losing them all. Any help gratefully received. Please contact Bev on 07836 258491 or

Looking to borrow a trailer

We are looking to borrow or buy a trailer which will carry a cabin cruiser, 5m long and approximately 2m wide. Have you a trailer you no longer use or know someone who might lend us one? For more details contact Nigel & Fiona Davies on (01904) 468001.

Would like to borrow an exercise bike

Our son is recovering from a cycling accident and is well enough to start doing some exercise to build up his strength again.

Has any one got an exercise bike we could borrow for a little while so he can exercise indoors? This is a big ask, but a recumbant exercise bike would be even better!

(also posted to Community Noticeboard Page)

Please contact Fiona or Nigel Davies on 468001

Having a Summer Clearout?

Remember if you live in the villages you can advertise anything you may wish to Freecycle or Sell for Free!

Or if there is something you are looking to Buy or Borrow why not try locally first?

Visit the Community Noticeboard on the Parish Website to see what is currently on offer or use the Contribute Form to get your items listed.

*Note that Books and DVDs you no longer require can always be donated to the Community Library for other villagers to enjoy.

Have you seen the Community Noticeboard?

The Community Notice Board on the Parish website allows anyone in the villages to tell the community about things you have for sale or wanted, items you would like to Freecycle, Lend or Borrow, Requests for Help (e.g. Volunteers, Housesitting, Babysitting, Car and Lift Shares). A bit like a ‘Small Ads’ page in a newspaper. All listings are free for use by Parish residents.

You can see the Community Noticeboard from this link or via the menu at the top of the website (under ‘Community’)

You can submit items for inclusion from the link here

Has anyone got a small cage suitable for a cat to recover in after suffering a road traffic accident

Our gorgeous cat, Vic, was hit by an inconsiderate (and propably speeding) motorist yesterday tea time. He has got a fractured pelvis and when we are able to bring him home from the vets, we need a cage to keep him from wandering around too far or jumping. Please can anyone lend us a cage for a short while? If you have one, could you ring us on 468001.

many thanks
Fiona & Nigel Davies