June 26, 2019

Claxton High Speed Broadband : here at last!

After a very long wait its seems Fibre-based High Speed Broadband has finally arrived in Claxton*. Some of you may have already received notification from BT. It is worth noting that you do not need to be a BT customer to get the service as BT are legally obliged to ‘unbundle’ their services to other providers. So – unless you are in a long term contract it is well worth shopping around as there are some good introductory offers.

I have ordered a service from PlusNet (who are part of BT now) and this will be installed in a couple of weeks. This gives a ‘guaranteed’ 80Mbps  (Megabits per second) download and 20Mbps upload – more than 15x what we were getting previously. It is costing a little more but should provide improved performance for streaming audio, video, games and TV. If you have a ‘Smart’ connected TV or use BBC iPlayer then it will almost certainly be worthwhile, with less buffering of video etc. The higher upload speeds should also make things like Skype and FaceTime better too for most people. And, for those like myself who work mainly from home it should make things faster and less frustrating all round.

It is also worth noting that the lower cost packages from most providers have a ‘usage cap’ which limits the amount you can download each month. Video, Skype and TV will consume quite a bit if used heavily so its best to speak to the provider to see which is the best package on offer depending on your likely usage.

I’d be interested to hear of the early experiences if anybody is already up and running – let us know in the comments section on the website  http://www.claxton-sandhutton.org.uk/2015/10/03/high-speed-broadband/ together with any questions.

We’ll maybe try to get some video on the Village website – which could do with a bit of a revamp. Contributions most welcome.

* I’m not sure if Sand Hutton is ‘enabled’ yet – does anybody know?

Andrew Fawcett

Caroline’s Garden Diaries 17.8.15 – Making Faces

I’ve been meaning to write about pansies for a long time. I managed a paragraph last August (and even took the photos to go with it), saying that I’d finally grown what I consider “proper pansies”. I can’t define these except in terms of whether they take me back to my childhood, to Mrs E’s garden.  Mrs E was like a second mother to me, the one who taught me about gardening; the pansy she grew outside her back door was so beautiful.  So every year, I try a new variety from seed. In 2013, I hit upon Adonis, truly a handsome young god, and not just for a one-year stand either – he’s still here, another criterion of perfection.

With desire satisfied, I’ve experimented this year with “Historic Florist Pansies”, lured by the description: “very different pansies! .…recreating in form, shape, patterns and colour combinations the Scottish Exhibition-style pansies that were fashionable 150 years ago…..unusual greys, browns….medium-sized flowers with cheeky faces”.  It’s been a nice little project, growing these; not only that each one is different and all are pretty and interesting, but it also prompted a bit of reading e.g. what’s the Scottish Exhibition? Can’t find the answer to that but have learned that it was in early 1800s that pansies were developed from different species of Viola, and especially that the aim was to create flowers with “faces”.  So the point of the recreated ones must be the “cheeky faces”.

It’s true that these pansies have an appeal that I think is down to the faces. I look at them a lot, and last week it suddenly dawned on me that the feeling I have is the same as I had with Anthony Gormley’s wonderful creation, “Field” which has thousands of little clay figures all looking at you.  I found that very moving, and I feel the same with my pansies; because they have faces, they’re looking at me, and we connect.

For more of Caroline’s Garden Diaries Click Here : 


Broadband Musings

It is interesting to read the latest news – that BT “overestimated” the cost of rolling out High Speed broadband to rural communities and is seeking to return or ‘reinvest’ the £90m or so which it has kept in its monopolistic coffers. (full story here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-31043548)

It is also curious to note that BT are looking at spending £12.5bn on buying out the UK’s largest mobile operator EE, seeing this as a better investment than in fulfilling its oft-cited obligations for ‘Broadband Britain’ and ‘Superfast North Yorkshire’. I wonder how much of the taxpayers money paid to BT may have been effectively diverted? But i digress.

So we enter 2015 still with no sign of fast broadband coming to our villages. On a personal basis good fast broadband is essential for my work (in IT) and i am mostly home-based, so i recently trialled one of the satellite broadband services (EuropaSat/Tooway) which are on offer nationally.

On the face of it satellite should provide an interim solution until the day when HSB eventually comes along. The bad news however is that it doesn’t (and it is also quite costly). The download / upload speeds are consistent and good per se (around 16Mbps/6Mbps respectively) but the achilles heel is the latency it imposes (that is to say it takes a relatively long time to send a message to/from a web server). Therefore the general web browsing and internet experience remains sluggish and little better than we have become accustomed to in our broadband ‘desert’. To be fair Satellite will provide faster downloads for things like streaming video, iPlayer and YouTube and large email attachments but the ‘capped/limited’ nature of the service means that it is not really practical/economic for that either. As a result i have sent the equipment back and cancelled the trial subscription. I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Back to square one, then. I’m currently looking at taking some short-term office space in Welburn (which was blessed by BT as part of the initial rollout and enjoys High Speed services) for a project which i am currently embarking on. This may end up being the only option. It is galling when the fibre which carries the fast broadband service to Malton runs along the A64 closer to our villages than it is to Welburn.

I’ve made enquiries as to BTs ongoing plans for the area of SW Ryedale however it seems to be something of a moot point since our local scheme hit a brick wall. I wonder if Ryedale DC may be able to apply some renewed pressure? All of the broadband providers in our area are effectively dependent upon BT and as a result we pay £5-10/month more than areas where the exchanges have been ‘unbundled’ which provides an effective choice. Rural areas such as ours get a double whammy with both slow speeds and higher prices for what we do receive.

It is clear that it is to BTs commercial advantage to maintain this status quo for the foreseeable future. Moreover the politicians seem to have either lost interest or are mistakenly thinking Rural High Speed Broadband rollout is a done deal.

Any thoughts and ideas welcome.




Help : Carrots !

Hello, I wonder if any gardening club member will help me with any tips on growing carrots next year, please? My gardening is confined to raised beds and I am at the wrong age to go through a learning curve of even as long as 2 years. I wish to grow a good crop of carrots next year, simple as that. And left to myself, know that next year I would learn what I should have done and be all ready for 2016 season. I formerly lived at Stamford Bridge for ~16 years and performed odds and sods activities for the local Benefice.


Ray Barry

01757 28 82 78 J


Regarding the dismal broadband service we receive. Recently ours has slowed to a virtual standstill (0.13 download 0.38 upload). Nigel spent an hour on the phone to AOL who insist the problem isn’t at their end – this has happened before and the speed has magically increased shortly afterwards – but just wanted to ask whether there has been a general slowdown recently or whether it is a problem with AOL. Thanks

Synolda Arms

Big thanks to Bev, Fiona and all who helped arrange last nights event at the VH – most enjoyable – even despite our frankly appalling performance at the ‘Yorkshire’ quiz. I cannot believe i had gone nearly 50 years without trying a pickled egg!


Brick ponds again

And here’s my photo of brick ponds in a quiet moment over Christmas.

Caroline Hall

Comic relief – Red Nose bake sale

Red Nose bake sale in aid of comic relief. Saturday 16th March 2013 – 10am to 12am.

Share your best Xmas howlers ….

It’s that time of year again – share your best (or worst) cracker jokes.

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Wishing everybody a Merry Xmas and a happy and peaceful 2013 from the C&SH Parish web team.

Lots of Celebrations!

There is quite a buzz in the villages today – bunting is up and the Synolda engine 100th birthday party at Sand Hutton school was lovely. I am sure there will be more on that soon – with pictures!
Four days to go until the Jubilee Party Picnic.

We hope you have picked out your red,white and blue outfits and that the kids are busy making crowns? There are a variety of activities planned from a Community Quiz to Throw a Welly so there should be something for everyone.

There are some special prizes including a pork pie from Vicarage Farm, wine, chocolates and other Jubilee treats.

So please come and join in the celebrations at the School Field in Sand Hutton from 12 noon on Saturday 2nd June. Please bring something to sit on for the picnic and some food to share. All the activities are free and drinks and Jubilee cake are provided so just come along to PARTY!